How To Control Your Anger And Stay Out of Jail

Did you ever get so angry that you got into a fist fight so nasty that you ended up with serious injuries or inflicting serious injuries on someone else? Did it ever occur to you that you could have avoided those injuries? In fact, you could have avoided getting into the fight in the first place. You can always avoid getting into fights which can progress to serious physical confrontations. These confrontations can result in injuries and damages which can then lead to arrest, jail time and lawsuits, while the bail bonds, fines and compensations can be very costly based on the injuries and damages. This is why you must make an effort to avoid getting into fights and the best way to do this is with these tips.

Don’t Lose Your Temper

When a conversation turns ugly, you are bound to feel panic, anger, frustration and fear. Such emotions can drive you to the brink of losing your temper, thus preventing you from thinking clearly about the situation and your decisions may be affected. The best way to deal with such a situation is to cool down by walking away and creating a distance so you can compose yourself to prevent a fight. However, always try to avoid a heated conversation with anyone who has a habit of starting fights. Danger signs such as the presence of alcohol, increase in high tension, stress over another individual and a night out can trigger fights, so keep an eye out on these.

Keep Your Distance

When the conversation heats up, the other person can get as riled up as you and things can turn violent. While some people may consider this move to be cowardly, it is the wisest. Keeping your distance by simply moving away or stepping back can prevent the possibility of a fight. If the other person continues to come closer to you, always move away. You do not want to become a punching bag by the other person by being too close.


Ignore The Foul Language

During a heated conversation, you can expect insults to be thrown your way. You may even hear taunting words such as ‘coward’ and ‘weak’, because these words are often used to provoke further aggression when the chance for a fight seems to subside. You must be ready for these and remember that these words are meant to provoke and not to personalize you. If the taunts involve your family, you must not pay attention to it. Such language is simply being used to push you further so do not allow your pride to be affected.

Maintain Eye Contact And Be Alert

Regardless of who may be right or wrong, your main concern is to avoid a fight. Apologize and try to discuss the problem to try to defuse the problem. Keep your hands in a non-aggressive position, but on guard in case you are attacked. Watch the other person’s hands as well so you can defend yourself fast. However, just as you must be physically prepared, you have to be mentally prepared as well. Being equipped with a few self-defense tactics is always beneficial if you are suddenly attacked.

After your efforts to calm the other person and to fix the problem have failed, just turn and walk away. There is no shame in walking away from a fight because this only portrays that you are a mature and responsible person who has no time to fret over injuries, damages, lawsuits, police, bail and fines caused by a silly fight. Nevertheless, you can never tell when thing can go wrong, so being prepared such as knowing where to get legal and bail assistance is always to your advantage.