How To Create Your First Blog

The way people use the web keeps changing over the years, as do the internet technologies. As internet penetration has become more widespread and cheaper than before, people use the web for newer purposes. Blogging has become a popular trend among companies and billions of individuals and everyone, including celebs, actors, politicians and financial experts have their blogs! You can find blogs written on literally any topic you can think of. However, when people venture into blogging, they often feel jittery and uncertain.

Overcoming The Hurdles Including Jitteriness

Blogging does not require you to know rocket science, unless you are a teenager writing on topics like lunar missions. Writing the first blog is what most individuals feel sceptical about. Once they write a blog that gets published and read by others, the confidence level grows. The fear can be caused by two factors:

  1. You are unsure of trying out something totally new
  2. You may not be sure about how to write and what to write.

Nervousness is natural, but you can overcome it if you want so. Remind yourself that every blogger has to start somewhere and they all undergo this initial stage of uncertainty. To prepare your mind to get into blogging, it would be a good idea to read quite a few blogs on diverse topics. This will give you ideas on the ways a blog can be written. You can have your own and unique style of writing, but getting acquainted with the nitty-gritty of web writing does help.

How To Create Your First Blog

Usefulness of Blogging

Blogs help companies reach out to target customers and also help individuals connect with like minded people online and share ideas and thoughts. There are success stories of individual entrepreneurs who have successfully used their blog sites to attract customers and other businesses and gain the benefits in the long run. It is a long term process and you cannot expect overnight results. Blogging is no shortcut to get rich.

Selecting the Right Platform

It is absolutely important that you pick the right blogging platform first. While it is your way of writing and capacity to express thoughts in words that will matter, you need a blogging platform you are comfortable using. While there are several such apps, the most popular options are WordPress and Blogger. Both have their advantages and drawbacks and finally it is up to your convenience and usage needs that matter. For personal blogs, Blogger is better suited since it has a minimal learning curve, immensely customizable and less tech savvy users can use it easily. WordPress is embraced more by business users owing to its support for PHP and it is not much pocket friendly.

Getting Into Writing

Once the platform is chosen and you have done the mental preparation, it is time to get into writing itself. Select a topic or pick from a number of topics you are interested in. You can even jot down basic points or thoughts that you want to put into the blog post in paper. Once it reaches a few paragraphs stop writing and review. The flow may not be ideal, but you can now use the content to expand into a bigger write-up, as in, the blog post.

Adding The Blog Like Quality

Every blogger has a style of writing and over time you are likely to develop your own. However, you can observe that majority of blog posts have an informal and somewhat casual tone. This element of personal input makes a blog stand apart from general online articles over the news. However, based on the topic, your blog post should be informative and relevant to the subject. Evade using remarks that reflect any bias or prejudice. The readers should feel stimulated by the blog. This may not happen in your very first blog, but keeping this factor in mind is vital for success in blogging. You will need to come with a catchy and relevant Title for the blog post.

Before Publishing, Add Final polish

Every blogging app or platform has some formatting options and you should make use of them to make your blog legible and appealing. It would be prudent to write the blog in a word processor and then paste in the Blogging app and apply formatting.