How To Deal With A Break Up Like A Man

Breaking up is tough; so is the aftermath of a breakup. Along with the massive emotional baggage it brings, this traumatic incidence leaves you down physically too. The pain is sure to linger around for a while. However, it is not the end of the world. Life is long enough for you to find someone who will be the right one for you. Delve into the write up and as you finish reading, leave the trauma behind and prepare yourself to rise anew!

Handling Break Up The Manly Way

Break Up Like A Man

  1. Do not let go of your emotional stability!

It is tough and it is the toughest! But, breaking down emotionally will never help you to move ahead. Even if she ‘ditched’ you or it was a mutual separation, the feeling of misery will be there. Never harm yourself just because you are hurt. You can always find someone you can open up. If you are unable to talk about the incident, then pen down on a paper. You will find yourself feeling better and more stable.

  1. Forgiveness is the key!

Learn to forgive yourself and her. Seek for forgiveness. Trust that life has a flow and every event that happens in the life is a lesson for you. Accept this lesson and move ahead. Once you learn to forgive yourself, forgiving the previous lady love of your life becomes easier. It might take a couple of days but it does work.

  1. Stalking her is a strict no-no!

Never stalk her. Do not call her at odd hours or bombard her with unwanted text messages. Restrict yourself from visiting her social media pages and driving through her pictures. It will hurt you more. The trauma will worsen. Leave her on her path. Believe that it is over once for all.

  1. Never ask for sympathy!

That is one of worst things you can ever do. Don’t put that ‘crying’ face on the Facebook or any social media account to evoke sympathy. Come on! They never did this to you. Sympathy will never help you overcome the pain; in fact it pushes you deeper into the trench!

  1. Do yoga!

Yoga is a great stress buster. It also helps you to overcome your emotional challenges. Along with being a fabulous fitness routine, it helps in calming down. It will also prevent you from getting into unwanted addictions and eating disorders, two common side effects of breakups. Doing yoga will also help you in designing a new course of life. It will help in soothing the broken heart and mend it up. It will also prevent depression and anxiety disorders, often experienced under emotional trauma.

Sign up for some meditation classes too. This will give you a better capability of handling yourself when you feel lost.

  1. Keep yourself busy!

It is the time to pamper yourself. Find new friends or catch up with your old ones. Find something that catches you creativity. Being creative is one of the best ways to keep yourself going while in pain. You can visit a spa for a good stress busting massage or join a hobby class that you had wanted to take up all these days. Deviating yourself from the core issue is definitely good to help you deal with the breakup.

Coming out of a relationship, especially a long term one, is definitely a tough task that needs loads and loads of energy .Just keep this one statement in mind – “This too shall pass”. Whatever happens in life is for a better tomorrow, a better future. Stay positive and start working towards a happier you. Love will happen again, at some point! Take care!