How To Deal With The Arrangements Nobody Wants to Arrange

Losing a loved one is of course always a heart-breaking and difficult time. While dealing with the loss and grief we also have to consider how to break the news to friends and relations, how to explain things to the kids and what arrangements need to be put in place. The biggest concern facing the closest relations is how to organise the funeral.

We all want to give loved ones a respectful and sincere farewell. Our thoughts most rapidly turn to what type of funeral would be best; how many people are likely to attend; whether the departed left any requests and all the arrangements for the ceremony and wake.

It can be difficult to consider the expenses accrued. Costs can be discussed and divided fairly later on. When money is needed urgently and at a difficult and stressful time, financial buffers like a loan can help to relieve the burden.

Funeral Directors

With the help of funeral directors it is possible to create a truly personalised ceremony for your loved one. The ceremony can be tailored to suit your personal requirements and even the urn can be styled to reflect the personality of the deceased. Urns adorned with the stars and stripes are particularly popular for former serviceman. Alternatively, for a more light-hearted approach an urn decorated in the colours of a favourite sports team are also popular.


As well as caring for and preparing the deceased’s remains prior to the burial or cremation, many funeral directors now offer a complete service. They will undertake the necessary paperwork on your behalf, arrange the obituary, liaise with guests who will be attending the ceremony and arrange transportation. They will even help you to organise flower arrangements and the content of the service – which can be held in a variety of different locations.


The average cost of a burial in a vault in the USA is $8000, though the costs can vary widely. In some states the cost of cremation can be less than $500 while a burial is usually between $1,000 and $2,000. It is not surprising then that cremations are becoming ever popular in these difficult financial times when many of us feel the need to take out a loan.

Cremation is also becoming more popular as families tend to be more widely dispersed than ever before. Cremation allows more time for arrangements to be made and for friends and relatives to gather for the final farewell.

Modern Memorial

Many people nowadays are choosing not to part with the ashes of their loved ones. There has been an increase in the numbers of people choosing to create a ‘memorial diamond’ from the ashes of the deceased. These diamonds are created in a laboratory over a three month period and once produced range from a bright white to blue in colour. The prices for this process range according to the size and quantity of diamonds produced, from $3,500 up to $20,000.

Some families chose to divide the ashes of a loved one, keeping a small portion in ornate urns. It is also possible to create memorial wind-chimes or orbs. These glass ornaments are crafted by expert glass artisans, who carefully incorporate a small amount of the ashes into the coloured glass during the production process. Costs start from around $300 per item but many choose to create multiple items so that individual family members can have a keepsake. In this respect, cremation memorial keepsake jewellery is also becoming very popular amongst the bereaved. These are small decorative pendants or lockets which contain either ashes or a lock of hair.

We all want to honour the memory of our loved ones and to say a respectful farewell.