How To Encourage Children To Read More?

Many parents complain about their children, who do not enjoy reading books and try to avoid it as much as they can. There is a fear that these children, who do not read might grow up to become illiterate, that they will fail to accomplish anything important, career-wise, or become alienated from their cultural roots. Although these concerns are often too far-fetched, there is an ounce of truth to these sayings. Reading allows your child to develop language skills, gain better understanding of themselves and learn how to express their thoughts and opinions. To encourage your child to read more use our tips on how to make reading more fun.

It all starts from reading together

To inculcate the passion for reading in your child start from reading them stories when they are too small to do it by themselves. Make this habit a part of your daily routine, something your child will be waiting for and looking forward to. These positive connections established when your child is still very young will stay with them for long, possibly turning your child into an avid reader once they grow up. It Is never too late to start reading to your children, if you skipped these early stages of their development you can always find a good reading more suited for your children’s age.


Don’t stop at reading only

Books give you so many opportunities for fascinating discussions, whether it is a talk about the characters presented in the book or imaging how the story could turn out differently. This exercise is perfect for developing creativity and free thinking in your children and will allow them to develop better understanding of emotions, relationships and how certain decision affect the lives of those, who make them.

Not only books

We are used to the idea that in order to encourage our children to read more we need to provide them with good books, but in this day and age children are surrounded with prose in different shapes and forms. Whether it is a computer game, a website or a comic book – all these media make use of text to convey an interesting story. Although computer games or comic books should never be a substitute for real literature, they can be helpful in showing your children that reading does not have to be boring. In the same manner you should be more open to your child’s individual choices in books. Maybe your kid doesn’t like fairytales and would be more interested in sci-fi? Let your children follow their taste in literature and read what they find interesting.

Rewarding program

If all these efforts still don’t bring the expected results you can try to do what many parents do to motivate their children: reward them for their achievement. Create a rewarding programs with different levels and prizes to honor your children for the number of books they have read. It should not take long before your child realizes that it is fun not only to receive the rewards, but also to spend time reading interesting books.