How To Examine The Wedding Photos of A Pro Photographer?

Searching for and then hiring a wedding photographer can be a rather difficult task especially if you are not sure what to look for. The best way to go about doing this is to have a list consisting of recommendations made by friends and family members, plus a few photographers you may know. Then do a bit of online research to see which of these photographers have been rated the highest. The next step is to take a look at the photographer’s portfolio.

When looking at wedding photos in a portfolio there are a number of things you ought to check out. Below we look at a few very important things that the portfolio should consist of prior to deciding to hire.


Check for variety

The wedding photographer you hire should be someone who has been around for a long time, they also need to have an array of different photos. For instance, if you see that the photographer just has two person or three person profile shots from the front or side, with a few wide angle ones it means that the photographer does not experiment. The ideal photographer will have a number of different types of wedding photographs which are a part of his or her portfolio. If you are looking through a portfolio online then send an email to the company asking to show you pictures from various angles and a few fresh techniques. The photography company should oblige if they want your business.


Too much photo editing

Many amateur photographers rely on photo editing software to fix their mistake, add effects, and balance the colors. While using photo editing is fine, too much of it can actually ruin photographs. Photo editing does not help fix a bad photograph but many times photographers will actually cut out the background and replace it with another one labelling it as an artistic effect. You don’t just get charged extra for all of this photo editing but it makes your pictures look awful. If you’re looking at a photographer’s portfolio and all you can see is photos with various lens effects, crazy colors and mismatched backgrounds ask to see unedited and raw photographs. If they refuse to show you these then it’s time to move on to the next photographer on the list.

Many photos are in monochrome

Yes, monochrome or black & white photographs do look great but not every photograph can be converted to monochrome and look great. However, many wedding photos that are out of focus, or taken in bad lighting conditions are often converted to monochrome by the photographer using software in order to mask mistakes. If you see too many of these photographs it means that they don’t have too much variety to offer or they make too many mistakes which are masked by converting photographs into monochrome.


No wide angle shots

Professional wedding photographers know exactly how to frame excellent looking wide angle shots in both low light conditions and regular lighting conditions. However, because these types of wedding photos require the use of an expensive lens, a tripod and experience you’ll not see a lot of these in most photography portfolios. If you see wide angle shots you need to check for variety i.e. pictures from a slight elevation, the entire venue captured in the picture, all family members, and people during their preparation etc. Seeing variety means that the photographer is pretty experienced and is not shy to experiment. If you don’t see wide angle wedding photos or the photographer makes an excuse there is a good chance you cannot expect them to do a professional job.

No low light shots

Many weddings often take place in the evening or they may commence in a dimly lit cathedral. This is why the wedding photographer needs to be good at metering the light around and then using appropriate low light shooting techniques. Check the portfolio for photos taken in the church, at night, near candles etc. if you see that the photos have been extensively edited then it also means that the photographer is making lots of mistakes. Ideally, you’ll want to see low light wedding photos with no signs of editing even if they have been edited.