How To Fold A Handkerchief

For men, using several accessories with their attire becomes a near mandatory thing. This is applicable both for casual and formal events. Whether you put on a tuxedo or wedding suit, using a handkerchief is something you really cannot avoid. This small but essential accessory can be of great use on road and outside home. However, it is necessary that you know the right ways to fold a handkerchief. As a matter of fact, there are several methods of folding handkerchief that you can use. Whether you put it in a trouser pocket or in a jacket’s front pocket, learning the suitable folding method can be helpful.

Various Methods For Folding Handkerchief

Choosing the handkerchief folding style is driven by two aspects- on your attire and the type of event you want to attend. The square fold, for example, goes well with people who are fond of classic, retro look. People belonging to the aristocracy often use the Presidential Fold. To ensure the fold stands out, you need to use handkerchiefs that are starched and do not have wrinkles. The hue of the handkerchief and that of the suit also matters. Most of the below mentioned folds are meant for handkerchiefs that are kept in the breast pocket of suits and jackets.

Presidential Fold

presidential fold

You need to put the handkerchief down on the table or bed first. Then fold it by half and press seam with your palm. Thereafter, fold it in half one more time, leaving about 1.2 centimetres at the top. You can put the folded handkerchief in your jacket’s chest pocket. The 1/2-inch part should be out of the pocket. Ensure the part of the handkerchief that is visible to others does not become wrinkled.

Casual Fold

casual fold

This is a style most trendy, youngsters prefer. You can try this fold when there is not much time and you have to attend an occasion as well. To make casual fold, put the handkerchief on a surface and pinch it using forefinger and thumb in the middle. Then pick it up and use your other hand vertically down the handkerchief to narrow it. It should match the width of the suit pocket. Keep it in the suit’s breast pocket.

One Corner Up Fold

one corner up fold

Put the handkerchief on a flat surface and then fold it diagonally. It should resemble a triangle. Then, fold one of its corners half to the triangle’s centre. Press it with your palm. Then fold another corner halfway to its centre and press the fold. The handkerchief by now will look like an open envelope. You should put the handkerchief in pocket in such a way that its top corner remains visible by a small margin. This fold looks minimalistic yet appealing.

Two Corner Up Fold

two corner up fold

To make this fold, lay the handkerchief on the table and then fold it diagonally. Then fold the corners to make two triangles overlapping each other. Fold each of the corners halfway towards center point. Two tips will point upwards by now. Put it in your suit’s breast pocket. Ensure the two tips can be seen clearly.

Crown Fold

Crown Fold

To make this fold, you have to fold the handkerchief diagonally by half. Now, fold left point of the handkerchief down and ensure it stays right of the middle. Do the same with the other side of the triangle. Then fold the handkerchief’s left hand edge inwards by one third amount. Repeat the same with right hand edge. Then fold its bottom half and put the crown shape towards the top of the suit pocket.

4-Point Handkerchief Fold

 4-Point Handkerchief Fold

The 4-Point Handkerchief Fold looks classy and elegant. It goes well with dark suits. Put the handkerchief flat while ensuring one of its points is facing up. Now, take its bottom corner and fold it up towards the top corner left. Taking the triangle’s left corner, fold it up to make the third point. Repeat on the Handkerchief’s right edge but slightly at left side of first point. Next, fold the handkerchief’s left corner towards the center. Repeat this on right corner. At last, fold the bottom section towards the top.

Stair Handkerchief Fold

 Stair Handkerchief Fold

The Stair handkerchief style fold goes well with formal occasions and people particular about attires and accessories should opt for it. There is an elegant yet subtle appeal about its looks. Put the handkerchief with a point facing up. Then fold the bottom corner to come near the top point. Now, fold the top layer down to make it go past the lower part of the handkerchief. Taking the same fold, fold it back towards the top. Repeat this one more time by folding down top layer. The folds will look tidy and nice by now. At last, fold right half part of the folded triangle to left and rotate the triangle. Fold left hand edge over and vice versa.