How To Get Rid of A Freeloader

When it comes to friends it is only natural to help them out when they are in a tight spot. This may be anything from a free dinner to a cash loan. Some of your friends will really appreciate this and will be more than willing to return the favour should you ever need help. On the other hand there are those friends that think nothing of just accepting your kindness and taking advantage of it. These freeloaders take an enormous toll on your finances and resources, and if you want to correct the problem then there are ways you can get rid of them.

Wait it out

If you find that your friend really does need all your help and that they are not just being lazy and trying to sponge of you then maybe they deserve the benefit of the doubt. Be patient with them and help them out if you can. Instead of getting frustrated just calm yourself down and hope that they will come out of their trouble fast. Be a true friend and do what you can to help out. If in the long run you realize that maybe they aren’t as appreciate as they should be, it’s fine, at least you will know that you have done what is right.

Set boundaries and say no

Some friends will take you for everything that you have, and not always consciously. Friends are friends and you don’t expect them to do you in. At other times they stretch your kindness very thin. At the beginning you have to state exactly what your limits and boundaries are so that they don’t clean you out of house and home. Give them less money, don’t go all out to serve up the best dinners and always be straightforward and honest about what you are willing to do and what you won’t do. It can be very hard saying no to your friend but sometimes it is for their own good, as well as the good of your finances. It also helps prevent them from becoming complacent.


If you are lending them money always make sure you set deadlines of when you want to be paid back. This will show them that you are not just giving away money, and will also teach them to be responsible about borrowing money. This is especially important with large sums of cash.