How To Get Rid of A Killjoy

Ever hear the saying “misery loves company?” It is so true, and a person who is always miserable is a killjoy.

Not only is a killjoy a person who is always down and miserable and always wants others to be miserable with you. To add insult to injury, this person does not even want to have fun or allow you to have fun.

Whether it is a daytime walk on the beach or a late-night out your friend will always find something “bad” about what you are doing. Worse yet, every person you know or meet your friend may have something bad to say about her-as this typically is more of a problem between women than men.

Dealing with this Issue

Sometimes enough is enough. You can learn how to get rid of a killjoy, otherwise known as a “party pooper.” Here are the best ways to deal with the problem:

Compromise with her. Perhaps one of the reasons your friend is being a killjoy is because maybe she resents doing what you always want to do. For instance, if she does not drink maybe she does not want to be at a part. Therefore, the two of you can perhaps go to lunch or watch a movie instead.

Confront the situation. You can compromise with your friend and respect her. However, you should except that you can only do so much. If your friend is never happy no matter what activities you plan together or no matter how much you are there for her emotionally during hard times, it is not always your fault. At one point you have to tell her, “take a dump or get off the pot.” No one wants to be around someone who is down ALL the time.

Tell her how you feel. Perhaps you feel bad when you are around your killjoy friend. Maybe you feel like all your choices are wrong just because she conveys the message that every single thing you do is bad even if it is not.

Maybe she will realize she is being too judgmental and respect your decisions even if she does not always agree with your choices. Sharing how you honestly feel could be a turning point.

Respect your friend. If after you and your friend have had some kind of reasonable conversation about what might be causing her to want to ruin your fun, respect your friend. For instance, if you find out she does not want to ruin your fun but just does not want you to drink around her for instance respect that. It takes two to make a friendship work.