How To Get Rid of A Nasal Voice

“Talking through your nose” is an expression that applies to someone who has a nasal voice. It is usually a more thin-sounding vocal sound that is in some ways similar to sneering.

The “southern drawl” is one example of what a nasal-sounding voice is like. You may have heard people from southern U.S. states talk like this.

Sometimes people from Latin America speak like this. There is nothing wrong with this, however. It is just the way people talk.

However, no matter what culture or where a person lives they may? Often people want to get rid of a Nasal voice. This can provide a person with many advantages, such as being able to convey a speech in public and have people understand them better.

Stopping the Nasal Sound

There are a variety of tips involved in understanding and stopping the nasal sound. You can learn more about the facts and tips of how to stop talking through your nose:

  • Understand how talking through your nose starts. The main cause is improper flow of air while you speak.
  • There are two types of nasal speech. One is the hypo-nasal speech which is caused by obstructed airflow and the hyper-nasal speech which is caused by physical deformities such as misplaced cleft palette.
  • Other nasal sounds are caused by a cold. This can be corrected sometimes just by blowing your nose or taking a decongestant that helps you get rid of phlegm.
  • If your nasal sound problem is the hyper-nasal speech chances are you cannot pronounce certain words or syllables properly. Corrective surgery sometimes may be the only answer in this case.
  • Learning how to breathe properly when you speak can help you more than you ever probably realized. You should open your mouth more when you speak and force the air out from your “gut” and diaphragm when talking.
  • Correct posture when you speak can do you wonders. Keep your back straight, look straight ahead, and use the air from your diaphragm to convey your message.

You can correct your nasal voice. However, also remember that it is not the end of the world if you do talk differently than other people.

In some lines of work such as in the acting business a nasal voice can make you unique. This is especially true if you are taking jobs in the comedy industry.