How To Get Rid Of A Nickname

A nickname that might have worked for you at one time in the past might not be worth it anymore. It can be embarrassing in most cases. It can even be very annoying to you. This does not mean that you need to deal with your nickname forever. You can easily get rid of your nickname.

Stop using your nickname

You should stop using your nickname if you want to get rid of it. You can shorten your name to something that is professional sounding and even an abbreviation of what your real name is. This can be a smart option to use if you have a long name.

The best thing to do is ask for your real name to be used in all identifying documents for your needs. This includes insisting that people call you by that name. You will need to stop dropping hints that you ever had a nickname as well. These ideas can help you to control how often this nickname is used.

Don’t use other nicknames

You should avoid using the nicknames of other people when talking to or about them. This can encourage those people to stop referring to you by a nickname. You should avoid using different kinds of nicknames that might be insulting to people. These nicknames can especially be hurtful to some people.

You should not make them feel like how you feel when people use nicknames on you. Being nice to others will encourage them to be nice to you. This includes making sure that others will stop using your nickname towards you.

What if you have to use a nickname?

You can do a few things to make something that is sensible and more useful for you. You can create a name that you are fine with and can fit your lifestyle. It should sound professional as well. In fact, you can even shorten your name to something else. The most important thing is that the nickname will have to be optional.

What about terms of endearment?

You can use terms of endearment with some people. However, you should refer to people by their real names when in public. You should also avoid using a nickname if it sounds inappropriate.

These are all options that can help you to get rid of an unwanted nickname. You can refer to people by their real names, avoiding using nicknames in public and even replace an old nickname with something that is more professional or sensible. These ideas will help you to keep from dealing with some nickname that you are not very comfortable with.