How To Get Rid of A Panhandler

The economic crisis has left everybody affected from the very rich to the very poor. This has lead to more people being homeless, having to ask passers-by for change. Everyone has different opinions on panhandlers. Some think that it is their own fault and that they should suffer with the consequences. Other people are more understanding and are willing to help them out.

Why should you give?

You may never know the real reason that somebody is begging for money, but most people give in the hope that their spare change will lead so some good in panhandlers’ lives. Giving is good for those people who have always wanted to donate to charity but never had large sums of money to give. Giving to people on the street can be your small charity endeavors. You will notice that most panhandlers are decent people and they are just trying to get by. Compassion may lead you to sponsoring them some cash. If you feel suspicious about simply handing your money over you can always ask them for a small service like washing your car.

Why shouldn’t you give?

Sometimes giving money to a panhandler can do more harm than good. Every state has its own policy on them and in some places it is even illegal. In some cases you can be punished for handing money to them. Most states prefer to put them in shelters or halfway houses to get them off the streets. The next reason you may be reluctant to give is that you don’t know what they will be using your money for. The sad truth is that while some use it for food, others simply buy alcohol. Giving money also doesn’t resolve the problem or reverse the reason they are panhandlers in the first place.

How to curb the problem

While there is no surefire way of getting rid of panhandlers there are some ways to make them more bearable. Instead of emptying out your entire wallet give them small amounts. You won’t be the only person who gives them money. Reward them if they have offered to do something in exchange for the cash. This shows that they aren’t just looking for a free ride. If they are harassing you then you are well within your rights to call the police. Some can be aggressive and the last thing you want is to be harmed.