How To Get Rid Of A Pseudo Boyfriend

Nobody wants to be by themselves and it is always nice to have somebody to love and somebody who loves you back. This sort of notion makes it easy to end u with a pseudo boyfriend, which is for all intents and purposes not actually a real relationship.

How do you know if you are in a pseudo relationship?

* There is an understanding on both sides that there isn’t really anything set  in stone, but you do everything together anyway.
* You are able to talk and have meaningful and deep conversation.
* You pass the time together even if you are talking nonsense
* When you are free you go out together just because you have time to
* You date other people at the same time
* You go the extra mile just because it’s him you are doing it for

These are boxes you can tick, but at the end of the day you will know he is a pseudo boyfriend just by the feeling you get. So you have to get rid of him at some point.

Do it quickly

Getting rid of somebody and cutting ties slowly can leave room for a whole new generation of problems. This creates a tangled web and both you and he end up getting hurt. The best thing to do is end it as quickly and painlessly as possible. If you do want him to be a real boyfriend then feel free to voice that opinion and if he doesn’t agree then he isn’t worth it. Otherwise tell him where you stand and that you won’t put up with a pseudo relationship anymore.

Love yourself more

You have been alone and without him before, so there is no reason you won’t be able to cope by yourself without him there. Do the things you used to love, find new hobbies or focus more on your job and family. You will find that your life really is not an empty as you may have thought it would be without him in it.

Avoidance is key

Avoid him because having him around is only going to make things harder and more complicated. Avoid all the traps he sets to try and get you to stay around. It is very easy to fall for the fake romance and the words you have waited so long to hear, but you have to wake up and realise it is all just fake.