How To Get Rid of An Accent

If you have an accent is isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many people actually find it interesting and more exotic than when people speak English with no accent. Sometimes having an accent can make life difficult, especially if you have a heavy accent that can affect important things like job interviews. At times people also end up treating you like a foreigner, that is not to say that they harbor any prejudice against you but it is subconscious. There are ways to get rid of your accent.

Be committed

The accent you have is part of who you are and where you come from. It represents your culture, your language and your heritage. This may bring about resentment if you choose to get rid of it. You have to choose which way you want to go and be committed to that decision.

Choose your new accent

You can’t simply get rid of your current accident if you have no idea what you want to sound like afterwards. Choose the accent that you want to take on. This will depend on where you are planning to live and what languages are spoken in that area. Sometimes it is better to take on a neutral accent that will work no matter where you are. This is generally the British accent.

Practice makes perfect

As with anything in life you have to practice in order to be proficient. You have to set time aside everyday where you practice reading or speaking in your new accent. You may even want to get your family and friends involved in this so that you have somebody to give you feedback. After all, these are the people you will be seeing and speaking to with your new accent the most.

Ask for help

It is very hard to learn anything without the proper guidance and when it comes to changing accents it is no different. When it comes to having a new accent the best person to get help from is a person who naturally has this accent. The will be able to judge whether you are successfully speaking in your new accent and they will also be able to give you helpful hints and tips.

These are just some of the ways that you can get rid of your current accent. Remember the only way to do this successfully is to work hard and practice continuously.