How To Get Rid of Performance Anxiety

One major area of fear of failure is when a person is about to perform a presentation in front of others. Often racing thoughts enter a person’s mind, worrying that the presentation whatever it is may not turn out as planned.

This happens to speakers, musicians, singers, and other persons who perform publicly. Another type of performance anxiety may be that in private, during intimate moments.

Yet another would be fear that you will not be able to do a good enough job at work to get a promotion. Some people get this intense fear and dread during a test because they are worried they are going to get the answers wrong.

How can this be stopped?

how-to-get-rid-of-performance-anxietyBefore the performance you are about to give you should take a deep breath. Then, you should visualize yourself executing your message or work of art successfully.

If you have the opportunity to practice your speech or warm-up your voice or instrument backstage, do it. As you put yourself in the character you would play in front of people it can help you focus less and remember all that you want to say or express.

Please refer to these preparation and performance tips for more help on how to get rid of performance anxiety:

  • Practices your lines, speech, song, show, or presentation far enough in advance. This will help it become engrained in your brain. It is like a form of automatic programming.
  • Do not worry too much about the outcome. There is nothing worse than the fear of failure as this can increase chance of failure.
  • Whatever presentation or performance you are giving; deliver it from your heart. Remember this is your chance to express yourself.
  • Focus less on the outcome and more on the enjoyment of presenting your work in public. The same is true if you are giving an educational speech about a subject you feel passionate.
  • If you have fear of people, it can be tough to perform in front of them. Imagine that you are in an empty room. Forget about everyone in the room watching you. Do not worry what they think either.

Remember also it is not the end of the world if a performance does not go as well as planned. You can also keep practicing and try again. Seek the help and support of peers and teachers if you want to excel in a certain performance area.