How To Get Rid of Pressure After Getting a New Job

Finally, you have got the appointment letter in your hand after months of trying. You are breathing a sigh of relief. Hold on to the breath because you are about to face more problems. Getting a job is comparatively easier than getting rid of work pressure after getting a new job. You might argue that every job has its ups and downs. It’s true but research studies have shown that the first thirty days in the life of a new employee is indicative of his/her future career graph.

When you are in a new job, you are in a completely new setting than the last one. You meet new faces, you have to adjust to a new working culture and to top it all, and you have to show good performance. Within a short period of time, you start feeling stressed and irritable. In this article, we suggest few ways to get rid of pressure after getting a new job.

  1. Understand the Work Culture

It is essential for your wellbeing to understand the dynamics of the new workspace and its culture. The level of openness and dynamics will not be same as what you had enjoyed in the old job. Therefore, spend some time daily to observe and understand. Is the atmosphere open? Do the employees share an active inter-office social life? Do the employees follow a formal level of communication? These factors will help you understand how the organization works and what is expected from you.

Get Rid of Pressure

  1. Don’t take Jokes and Pranks too Seriously

It might happen that you have to experience jokes and pranks from older employees in the first few days. You will make a very grave mistake to take them seriously. Remember that they do not have anything personal against you. They are trying to measure you up, trying to know your temperament and attitude. You need to react wisely and not make mountain out of molehill.

"How to get rid of pressure after getting the new job

  1. Don’t Ignore Performance

Previous experience and qualification will only get you so far. The working requirements in the new Jobs will be completely different and the pressure will be on you from day 1 to perform. On the other hand, you will need to understand various new things before you can perform decently. The only way out of this situation is to seek guidance. Either talk to the seniors / reporting manager or talk to the colleagues. Request them to bring you up-to-date with your portion of duties and responsibilities. This will also break the ice and pave way for more interaction.

  1. Learn from Immediate Senior/s

If you can successfully build up a great rapport with your immediate senior/s, it will always help to ease off work pressure until you understand the system and become ready to perform. But do not approach like you are trying to be sleazy. Portray yourself as a learner and you will get help.

  1. Set Realistic Standards

The pressure you feel on yourself is also because of self expectations. Don’t expect too much. Join the new job with an open mind. Be receptive to new thoughts and concepts. No one is holding the gun barrel on your head and forcing performance. It is normal human behaviour to expect the best out of oneself. Try to understand when to push yourself and when to hold back.

  1. Follow the Rules

There are reasons why companies follow a rule book. When you first join a company, meet with the HR and ask for instruction manual or rule book. Ideally, you are handed the details during orientation. If not, ask for it and read it thoroughly. If you cannot understand something, ask colleagues and seniors but do not ignore this advice.


It is normal to feel pressure in a new job. A few weeks are enough to settle in and get rid of the initial hiccups. Follow the above suggestions.