How To Get Rid of Shoe Creases

It is always said that you can know a lot about a person by looking at his or her shoes. You may wear the most expensive dress and looking almost perfect but dirty shoes or un-kept shoes can form a very bad impression about you. On the other hand, clean and well-kept shoes can cover up for many flaws. Shoe creases do not only make your shoe look old and dilapidated, they also act as a perfect breeding ground for dust as it can settle into the grooves of the crack very easily. Therefore, let us understand what are shoe creases and ways to get rid of shoe creases.

What Are Shoe Creases?

Shoe creases are small stretch marks on your shoes that are formed due to regular wear and tear. However, sometimes it may be also formed if you do not take good care of your shoes. It is mostly formed in the areas of the shoes that are bent regularly during walking or running. Dryness in the texture of the shoe may expedite the process but shoe creases are almost inevitable in any shoe. However, some shoes like suede shoes or wrinkle free shoes may not have them at all. Here are some ways to get rid of shoe creases.

Ways to Get Rid of Shoe Creases

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Wash Your Shoes If They are Washable

If you have creases on your sneakers and they are washable then one of the best ways to clean them would be to wash them to remove the excess dirt from the crease and making the crease look less apparent. Remove the lace of the shoe and wash it in cold-water initially to remove the dirt. Now take a used toothbrush or scrub, which you do not intend to use any more and dip it into a solution of detergent and water. Scrub the shoe gently and apply the pressure on the creases in the opposite direction. Once you have washed your shoes well, keep them out in the sun to dry.

Use a Hot Iron

Shoe creases can be removed by giving it hot treatment. This is because the crease disappears once the skin of the shoe is hot and it can be stretched more easily. However, you need to take many precautions before you use a hot iron on your expensive footwear. Firstly, do not apply a hot iron on your shoe as it may burn them. Secondly, stuff your shoes with paper or cedar shoetree so that the skin of the shoe can be stretched when you are ironing them. Lastly, do not iron your shoes directly and apply a cotton towel as a protective layer. It would be preferable to heat up your iron and then remove the plug before you iron your shoes. The heat of the iron makes the skin stretchable and the shoetree or paper stuffed into the shoe acts as a good support from inside.

Use Paper

Use paper to remove the creases on your shoes and even prevent them from creases and marks. Take old newspapers and make a structure so that it fills tightly into your shoe so that the shoes are stretched. However, only fill according to the original shape of the shoe. If you fill more than required and the shape is uneven, it may deform your shoe. Keep the stuffed paper in the shoe for 24 hours or even more to remove the creases on your shoe. Alternatively, if you are not wearing your shoes for many days, you can stuff it with crumbled paper so that your shoe is stretched at all times evenly.

Polish Your Leather Shoes

If you have leather shoes, they require to be taken care of regularly. Polish your shoes regularly to avoid formation of creases. However, most people think that the more polish you use, the better it is. This is not true as it may lead to formation of polish build up on your shoe expediting the process of crease formation on your shoes. Use very little polish and rub it with a brush to spread the polish evenly on your shoes. Moreover, rub your thumbnail on the shoe, if you can see a black or brown mark on your thumb and it feels greasy to rub the shoe then it may require more rubbing.

Ask Your Local Shoe Seller

Shoes need to be treated with respect and thus it may be sometimes best to ask your local shoe seller about various products that are good for the protection of your shoes. Usually they will have polish for all kinds of shoes and they can even guide you on how to take care of your shoes. Ask the shopkeeper for a shoetree that you can put in the shoe when it is not in use.

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