How To Get Rid of Strict Parents

There are few things worse than having your parents treat you like a child for the rest of your life. They have all sorts of rules about where you can and can’t go, who you can date, what you can where and when you can come home. Sometimes they are just looking out for you and other times they can be downright paranoid. Strict parents are no fun but there are ways to help curb the problem.

Don’t be immature about it

If you dig in your heels and become rebellious that would be behaving like a child and it would be no surprise then that your parents treat you as such. Don’t throw tantrums and slam your door, don’t use bad language and try your best not to talk back to them. These are all signs of disrespect and won’t get you any closer to being taken seriously. If they don’t bow to your every whim like you are used to them doing don’t get so emotional. Instead try and see where they are coming from.

Communication is key

One of the biggest problems when it comes to parents and their children is communication. There are different ways to communicate but choose one so that you can get your views across and get why your parents are doing what they are. If you feel you can’t calmly sit down and talk to them without blowing up then sit and write a letter. Explain your situation and your concerns. This way you can keep yourself from saying anything out of anger. A family meeting may be useful if you have brothers or sisters who are close to your age and have similar issues. This will give everyone a platform to make their voices heard without arguing.


Meeting your parents halfway doesn’t mean that you are giving into their every command. It just means that you are being responsible enough to behave in a manner that you both see fit. If you are going out for example, agree to have your phone on and check in with them regularly. If you have done something wrong then acknowledge it and suggest being grounded. This shows that you are willing to take responsibility for your wrongs and they will see you as a more mature individual. Another thing you can do is give them a chance to get to know and trust your friends.