How To Get Rid of Tenants

Occasionally times are tough and honest, hard-working people cannot pay their rent on time sometimes. However, there are also the kinds of people that just have no respect for landlords at all.

You as a property owner need to learn how to get rid of tenants that just do not seem to care at all. They may be deadbeats who just do drugs and who just are a total menace to society, and currently to you.

Either that or they may vandalize your property and even go months without paying their rent. They probably have cost you thousands of dollars by now. You do not need this.

If you are dealing with someone who has not paid his or her rent for awhile you should take action. Here are some steps on how to evict a tenant who has not paid rent in awhile:

Before eviction– If only a few days past the date of the rent have past you probably just need to remind the tenant that rent is due. Perhaps you can remind them of the terms of the least which includes a late fee. This would usually be what you would do after the tenant has not paid by a certain date, usually sometime between the first and the third of the month.

Upon eviction– The number of months or number of days before eviction is issued varies. Some landlords might issue it even if you have never been late on your rent before. Others might wait until 30 days have passed. Usually the terms of an eviction are “five days to pay or vacate.”

This means that you give the tenant five days to pay the unpaid rent balance for however many months outstanding or the tenant has to vacate. Usually the tenant by this time will know you mean business. However, at this point the tenant may decide to just leave.

After tenant leaves– Per terms of the lease between you the landlord and the tenant, the option may be to forfeit the security deposit if rent is unpaid. You can remind the tenant also after the tenant moves out of the unpaid balance.

At some point legal action may be necessary but try to avoid this if possible. Of course, if the interior of the place is damaged the tenant may not get the security deposit back anyway.

Additional Advice

You should really read the laws in your state regarding the eviction of a tenant. This will help you decide what your rights are as a landlord.