How To Get Rid of the New Baby Blues

New moms can quickly find themselves feeling blue after their baby is born. It is typically the result of fluctuating hormones as their bodies return to pre-pregnancy levels, and it is about adjusting to the many new responsibilities in their lives. These new moms do not regret having the baby of course. They simply feel overwhelmed after the baby is born is because of all the changes.

New babies require around-the-clock care. It is easy for the new mom to quickly start focusing her attention only on the baby and forget about her own well-being. As this mind set continues, the new mom partially loses her identity and the blues can quickly set in afterwards. Thankfully, this can easily be battled if the new mom is aware that this is happening. Below are some steps you can take to pull yourself out of a slump.


Take a “Me” Break. You are entitled to take a break from being a mom, even if it is only for a few minutes. New moms feel pressured to be perfect and completely attentive at all times in fear they may neglect their baby’s needs. It is okay to relax. In fact, you need relaxation in order to function properly. No one can perform at top speed without tapping out of energy eventually.

One option is placing your baby in a safe place, such as a swing, to be entertained for a half hour or so which provides you freedom to move around. Spend this time doing things you enjoy like reading a book, watching your favorite show, or investing in your hobby. This little piece of “me” time will give you more energy and self-worth than you can imagine.

If you need to take a quick nap, which you most likely do, you may want to invest in an infant playard. This type of baby crib can be taken anywhere in your home. So, if you notice your baby taking a quick nap, you can easily join him. The playard is a safe place not only for baby to play, but also to rest. You can catch a few winks of sleep and be assured that your baby is comfortable and safe.

Pamper Yourself Time. While you may not be able to do this more than once or twice a week, make the time to pamper yourself for an hour or so. Have someone care for the baby so that you can take a nice soak in the tub. Consider lighting some aroma therapy candles for ambience. Maybe, even put on a face mask to rejuvenate your tired eyes. Top it off with your favorite tunes, making sure your music device is in a safe place, and take you a few deep breaths. The bath will relax your body and the rest of the pampering will relax your mind.

Lunch or Dinner Date. Ask a sitter at least once every few weeks to come and stay with the baby while you go out to dine with your partner or your best friend. Enjoying a warm meal away from the home combined with the ability to hold a conversation with another adult without interruption will be very refreshing.

Let Go of the Guilt. New moms often feel excessive amounts of guilt if they do not feel happy devoting every minute of their time to their newborn. They believe, for some reason, that this makes them a bad mother. They feel that wanting a little down time or wanting to look and feel good is wrong. On the contrary, it is more to mommy hood than just tending to the baby. Modern moms find pride in being able to look their best shortly after birth. It provides a sense of accomplishment for being a “well-rounded woman of today”.

So, these new moms should try to let go of the guilt, at least a little, and treat themselves better. If you had a beauty regimen before, then you should try your best to continue to stick to it. After all, you are still you; only mommier! Think of the old saying, “If mommy isn’t happy, nobody is happy.” This is very true. If you become discontented, so will your baby and your partner. Your happiness is the key to a happy home.

Overall, the most important thing that a new mom can do is remember that she is still a person, not just a mom. She is still entitled to feel happy, to be pampered, and to enjoy life. It is possible to do all of this without placing your baby’s care to the side. New moms just need to make it a priority to feel good so they can be a good mom.