How To Get Rid of Unsafe Driving Habits

You may believe yourself to be one of the most experienced and safest drivers on the road. However, it only takes one brief distraction to cause a devastating accident. While you may be accustomed to multi-tasking while you drive, it is imperative that you realize the distractions that lead to many wrecks on today’s roadways. If you truly want to be the safest driver on the highway, you would do well to avoid these behaviors and resolve to focusing solely on staying in control of your vehicle.

Cell Phone Usage

One of the most dangerous behaviors that drivers engage in today is using their cell phones while driving. When you text or make phone calls, it may seem like you are only distracted for a few brief seconds. However, in reality, your momentary distraction could cause a devastating wreck in which you or others are injured or killed.

This devastation was recently witnessed in a horrific auto accident in Houston, Texas that resulted in the death of an 8 year-old child and the young woman driving the car. Even though they only lived a few miles from the crash site, the pair was killed because the young lady driving was allegedly texting in busy rush hour traffic. Unfortunately, any accident lawyer in Houston TX will advise that this is not an uncommon story.

Unsafe Driving Habits

You can resolve to be safe and avoid such horror by keeping your cell phone in your purse or pocket while driving. If you must make an important call or send a vital text, you should pull off the roadway and park your car to do so.

Eating and Drinking

As you rush and go about your business, you may need to eat lunch on the go as well. It may be customary for you to go through a drive-thru and pick up a burger or a soda for lunch. While many people engage in this dubious behavior, you should be aware that eating while driving can lead to your being in a wreck.

In fact, a recent study published by the University of Leeds shows that eating while driving is potentially more dangerous than cell phone usage and, surprisingly, even more dangerous than driving while under the influence of alcohol. The study was supported by timing the reaction times of different activities performed while driving. Shockingly, the driver’s reaction time while eating and driving increased by forty-four percent.

Some instances of when your eating could become a danger is if you choke, look at your food before taking a bite, or mishandle your food while driving. All of these instances may cause you to become distracted and inadvertently crash into another driver or pedestrian. Avoiding such a wreck can be simple by your resolving to stop for lunch or wait until you get home to eat.


Drivers take a perverse thrill out of rubbernecking at accident scenes. Many people try to see what is going on and gawk at whatever sight of gore or horror they can spy. As much as you may be curious about what is going on, you should avoid rubbernecking.

A 2005 study revealed the many types of distractions that most likely cause accidents. Their results revealed that rubbernecking was the greatest of hazards and was responsible for sixteen percent of all distractions. As a driver, you should take this information to heart and remember that your curiosity can cause another accident and also put the lives of other drivers and law enforcement officers on the scene at risk.

Cosmetics and Hair Care

You may try to brush your hair or put on some makeup while you are driving. If you are guilty of this offense, then you are not alone. In fact, the insurance department of the Foundation Financial Group of Florida revealed that three percent of female drivers have actually had an auto accident while applying makeup.

Even if you wait until you are at a stoplight to put on some lipstick or comb your hair, you may still cause a wreck. If you do not see the light change, you could cause a driver to slam into your back end. Likewise, as you gaze at yourself in your rear view mirror, you also may not see what is going on in front of you. Of course, the best prevention is to allow extra time to apply cosmetics and brush hair prior to leaving your home.

Rather than be distracted and possibly cause an accident, you would do well to avoid the activities that lead to most wrecks on the roadways today. You can easily resolve to be a safe driver by avoiding these behaviors.