How To Have a Smart Baby While Pregnant

All babies are smart in their own way, and all mamas are proud of being their smart little angels. Creating a cordial relationship with your baby while you are pregnant, according to various studies, could help your baby go that extra mile you always want. Yes, your babies can become smarter! These are some simple tips and lifestyle makeovers that you need to incorporate while pregnant to give birth to a smart baby. So are you ready? Just dive into the write-up to know more!

1. Foods To Eat During Pregnancy For A Smarter Baby

There is a certain set of foods that could actually help in the better development of the brain of the baby. Rich with DHA and choline, the efficacy of these foods in nourishing the fetus’ brain has been vouched for by the studies. Check out what those foods are.

a. Eggs

Scrambled Egg

Eggs are good sources of protein. Plus, they also contain choline, the memory and brain function boosting agent. Just two servings per day are enough to fetch you the desired benefits.

b. Omega-3 Rich Foods


Oily fishes are rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids, especially DHA. According to studies, just two servings of these fish could pep up the intelligence levels in the babies. However, it is advisable to stay away from fish varieties such as swordfish as they are laden with mercury.

c. Strawberries


Strawberries are richly laden with antioxidants that enable to ward off free radical damages that could impact the brain development.

d. Dark Chocolate


Satiate your cravings for sweet while giving yourself a chance to have a smarter baby with dark chocolate. According to studies, dark chocolates are good sources of stress-busting and anti-depressant ingredients that also help in improving concentration and memory.

2. Do Yoga and Meditation

Butterfly Exercise During Pregnancy

Yoga works on your body, mind, and soul alike. A soul-soothing exercise regimen, pre-natal yoga helps you with an easier delivery. Plus, regular practice of this mild exercise form while pregnant improves the circulation levels. The fetus, in the process, gets an opportunity to imbibe a better level of nutrients that pave the way for better growth and development.

Meditation helps in keeping the stress and depression away. A stressed mother is known to negatively impact her baby’s growth and development. You can always spend just 10 minutes a day meditating on a smarter baby or just indulging in breathing meditation to reap the benefits.

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3. Talk To Your Baby!

Bond With Your Unborn Baby

Create a rapport with your baby while your little one grows inside you. Talk to her and play with her. Sing to her. Tell her all those things you would like to do once she arrives on the Earth. Call your baby by her name. All these simple and small ways help in enriching the baby’s brain development process.

4. Listen To Pregnancy Music!

Pregnancy Music

Not all music does good. Choose the right notes that will soothe your brain while send the waves that enable brain development. Vedic mantras such as Garbha Rakhshambika Stotram are known to be beneficial for the mother as well as the newborn. There are numerous other chants and sounds that are based on various musical notes that could pave the way for the development of the baby.

5. Sleep Properly!

Sleep During Pregnancy

It is one of the simplest, yet toughest thing you can do when you are pregnant. As the time flows, your little one also grows up, ballooning up your tummy. This hinders you from getting deep sleep. But sleep is very essential for a smarter baby. You do not have to sleep 8 hours straight. Just catch up with a nap as and when you get time to compensate for the leftover sleep. Ensure that your body is getting adequate rest so that your baby could absorb all the necessary nutrients for becoming smarter.

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6. Do Not Forget Your Supplements!

Vitamin Supplement

Doctors put you on supplements such as folic acid, calcium, and iron to ensure that your baby grows the right way. Studies also suggest that pregnant women who included supplements in their diet had smarter babies than those who chose to stay away from supplements.

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7. Avoid Cigarettes And Alcohol!


Last, but not the least, quit smoking and alcoholism if you have the habits. Both are harmful to you and your baby. Along with creating unwanted troubles in your pregnancy, it also hampers with the fetal brain development.

What did you do to have a smarter baby while you were pregnant? Share the tips with us.