How To Keep Your Friends From Driving Drunk

Law enforcers have seen many cases wherein the DUI offenders wish their friends had stopped them from driving drunk. Although it is not a friend’s responsibility to take care of their drunk friend, or is it their fault that the driver ended up getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, there are things that they can do to avoid the situation.

Stopping a friend from driving while intoxicated may be one of the most crucial decisions you will make. Unfortunately, convincing a drunk buddy can be quite challenging. Here are a few tips to help you effectively keep your drunken friend off the road.

Talk To Your Friends: Before you and your friends get to the party, you should make it clear that none of you should drink excessively or use drugs. Those who cannot stay sober must promise not to drive while drunk. If you are driving to the party, make sure that you assign a designated driver or better yet, volunteer to be the designated driver.


Take Your Friend’s Car Keys: If your friend drove to the party and he gets drunk, one way to keep him from getting behind the wheel is to get his car keys. Hiding his keys won’t require a lot of effort, especially since it is easy to fool someone who is drunk. Here’s how you can take your friend’s car keys:

  • Tell him that you are going to the liquor store and you need to use his vehicle. If he’s drunk, he’ll forget that you took his keys. If he does remember and ask you about it, you can tell him that you changed your mind about going to the store but don’t give up the keys.
  • Once you got the key, consider changing the car’s parking area. If your friend can’t find his car, suggest that he takes a cab home or sleep it off at your house.

Keep in mind though to never back down. Even if your friend gets irritated about losing his keys and demand that you give it back. It is better for your friend to be agitated at you for keeping the keys, rather than risking his life and the lives of others if he drives drunk. If you give in, remember that you are putting your friend at risk of a DUI charge or car accident. Suhre Law & Associates, a law firm specializing in DUI cases, reminds drivers that the court will do everything to protect the community from disaster due to dangerous driving.

Call A Cab: If your friend gets too drunk at a party, it is best to quietly call a cab and put him in a taxi. Doing so will help them get home safely and save them from doing anything stupid which he will surely regret once he’s sober. Remember to pay the cab in advance and make sure that to get the driver’s name and the taxi’s license number. It is even better to accompany your friend home. Don’t worry about the cab fare. It is a small price to pay compared to what you or your friend will have to pay in the event of a car accident or a DUI conviction.

Ask For Help: Look for friends who are trying to stay sober and stay with them. If you find yourself restraining a drunk friend from driving, it is best to seek help from others. The more people who know the importance of preventing a drunken person from operating his vehicle, the higher your chances are of success. Remember though to be polite, respectful, and honest when asking others for help.