How To Look Cute In Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are everywhere these days. Be the celebrities or the new moms, they all flaunt their style in the fabulously comfortable garments. These outfits are not just restricted to be worn while practicing yoga. These stretchy fabrics can be worn at the gym or even as a relaxing outfit at your home or even beach. There are countless patterns that will allow you swap these pants for the classic business trousers at the comfort of home. If you are searching for new style of yoga pants, combined with that cute look, then there are some must remember fashion tips. Just read on to know how you can look cute in yoga pants.

  1. Understand your figure

You need to assess your figure. All pants may not suit. If you have a noticeable lower body [pear or hourglass shaped], then you might have to choose something that could conceal your hips and thighs. On the other hand, those with a narrower hips and slim thighs, could opt for a skinny fit pants that reveal your body shape.

yoga pant

  1. Choosing the pants

Opt for ones that fit you comfortably. You can opt for your trouser sizes. If you are a pear shaped, then opt for a high rise pants that could offer a coverage for your wider hips. If you have a well-toned calves, then choose for a cropped version or Capri style pants. Want to wear these outfits to office? Try a long one that settles down right atop your shoes and are slightly loose. While there are numerous shades of colors you can pick from, a classic black or a blatant cream would be a good choice.

  1. Pick your undergarments right

Be careful! If your panty lines are giving away, it is time to change them. Opt for panties with seamless edges. Even thongs could be your pick. You can even choose boy shorts, but preferably made from thin materials, as they rest on the thighs. Do not try chucking out your undergarments as they could prove to be disastrous. The key idea is to wear an undergarment that actually does not hamper with the smooth back.

  1. Style it with a classic top

Keep your pant style to minimalist. Pair the pants with a dashing top or blouse. Opt out of Polo collared or mock collared tees as they ruin the chic look. Instead opt for ones that have round or boat necks. Tops with drop down shoulders or trapeze tops look fabulous. A cowl neck top with dolman sleeves and subtle embroidery work will do the job. A knee long tunic style top will also do the task, but opt for sheer fabric that brings out the cute look. If you are a pear shaped, opt for A-line tops that flaunt the curves. A button down top or cropped top can be worn for a more formal occasion. Sweatshirts and sweaters atop spaghetti will look ideal for a casual date.

  1. Cover up

Want to look sleek? Cover up with a simple, yet stylish cardigan or a jacket with a hood!

  1. Layer for a deadly look

If you are keen on wearing a tee, then opt for layering. A top over a tee, with layering necklines, with the right colors and curves will give you an attractive look.

  1. Accessorize to look attractive

Accessories add charm to any outfits. And, yoga pants are not exemptions. You can choose beaded ornaments that complement your tops, but keep them subtle. If you are on a date, a simple, flower shaped pendant on a simple gold chain will look nice. Pair them up with a subtle bracelet and a mini earrings. You can even use a stole or shrug to be worn atop the tee or top. Opt for a lace one to zest up the moment.

Shoes – you cannot forget them! Choose from flats, wedges, or sneakers. An adorable peep toe ballet or a boot in nude shade will also do the job. Opt out of sassy sandals embellished with stones and bows. They will ruin your efforts.

At the end of the day, it is your comfort that matters more. While these style tips do help you in looking cute in yoga pants, you can come up with a style that is comfortable, yet stylish for you. So, go ahead and let your creative side open up!