How To Make a Chocolate In a Jiffy

When you are feeling down, eating some chocolate can perk you up and make you feel happy. Chocolate also is a good treat to keep your energy levels high. However, buying chocolate from a store does not always have the benefits that you envisage. With additives and artificial flavouring, commercially prepared chocolate loses its benefits. The good news is you can prepare chocolate at home without slaving in the kitchen. There are some recipes that allow you to make chocolate in a jiffy, so that you and your family can spoil yourself with some delicious treats.

Here is one recipe to make chocolate quickly and this recipe does not require you to be a qualified or experienced chef.

Making Chocolate Quickly

Here is how you can make chocolate at home quickly.

2 cups or 220 g of good quality cocoa powder
3/4 cup or 170 g of soft butter (it should be at room temperature)
1/2 cup or 100 g of powdered sugar
2/3 cup or 150 ml of milk
1 cup or 235 ml of water
1/4 teaspoon salt

How To Make a Chocolate In a Jiffy

Chocolate Preparation Method:

Step 1: Place the cocoa powder in a bowl. Add the butter to it. Use a fork to blend the two ingredients well. The mixture should have a paste-like appearance.

Step 2: Create a double boiler by taking a pot and adding a cup of water to it. Heat the water over low heat. Place your bowl of chocolate and butter paste on the pot. Make sure the water is simmering.

Step 3: Use a spatula to keep mixing the paste continuously. This prevents it from getting burned. Keep a close watch on the mixture, as it should get hot, but not cooked.

Step 4: Once the cocoa paste is heated, put it in a food processor and blend until it turns into a smooth and silky paste.

Step 5: Keep stirring the paste and gradually add the milk followed by the powdered sugar. Mix the paste until the milk is blended in and the sugar dissolves. You should have a paste that looks smooth and creamy. Add the salt and give it a final mix.

Step 6: Taste the chocolate mix. Add sugar to make it sweet, if necessary.

Step 7: Make a piping bag with some greased paper. Spoon in the chocolate mix into it. Make a small opening at the base of the piping bag and squeeze the paste into ice cube tray. You can even use molds to create designs and make the chocolate more interesting for kids.

Step 8: Place the ice tray into the refrigerator and let the chocolate set. It will take about 6 hours for the chocolate to become firm.

Step 9: Take out the set chocolate from the refrigerator and place on a baking tray. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Step 10: Place the chocolate into an airtight container and store in the refrigerator.

Tips and Warnings

  • Instead of cocoa powder, you can use white chocolate as well. Just use a double boiler to melt the chocolate.
  • If using white chocolate, do not use normal food color, as it contains water and will make your chocolate runny. Instead, use a gel or powdered food colour.
  • When you place the cocoa powder and butter paste on the double boiler, make sure the cocoa powder dissolves completely. Otherwise, you will have unpleasant lumps in your chocolate
  • You can use a little water to make the cocoa paste a little smooth after blending it in the blender. But be careful, as it can make the paste too watery and this will prevent the chocolate from setting. Even if it sets, you will have chocolate ice cubes instead of chocolate!
  • Be creative with your chocolate. Add pecans or other nuts to your chocolate to give it a crunch.
  • Wrap individual chocolate in transparent paper and present them to family and friends. Homemade chocolate makes excellent gifts.

Making chocolate quickly at home is a better alternative than buying chocolate. Also, remember, the first batch may not come out perfect, but don’t let it deter you. Keep trying until you get a perfect batch of chocolate. Once you master this simple technique of making chocolate, you can add more ingredients to come up with your own special chocolate.