How To Make a Pretty Bottle Cap Locket

Creativity is a great gift as it gives an expression to who you are. Unleashing your creativity can be quite interesting. It can result in a wide range of wonderful products. You can also use this creativity as a business idea to earn a livelihood. Today there are many people bored with 9-5 job and chucking it away to give wings to their dreams and creativity.

Creating new products out of unwanted things lying at home can be quite interesting. A bottle cap locket is one such thing that is made out of unwanted bottle caps that are usually thrown away. You can collect these bottle caps and make cute little lockets for yourself or even as cute little gifts for friends and dear ones. It is also a great craft for kids.

Bottle Cap Locket

The Things That You Will Need To Make A Bottle Cap Locket

  • Two Bottle caps. The metal Bottle caps can be collected quite easily. These caps come on glass beverage bottles. You can also buy them at the local store. 1 6 to 8 inch pieces of 1/2 inch wide ribbon
  • 1 tiny paper circle (to fit inside 1 cap)
  • Red stamp pad
  • White flat spray paint
  • Clear spray paint
  • White craft glue
  • Tiny photo
  • Thin ribbon
  • Beads on a wire
  • Gold thread for chain


  1. Wash the bottle caps with soap and water and dry them well.
  2. Once the cap is dry, use a plier, bend down the size to leave a nice edge.
  3. In one of the crevices, drill a hole. You can also use a hammer and nail to make this hole.
  4. Now paint the outside and inside with a clear spray paint. You can also use a chrome spray paint. The spray paint will give a smooth uniform finish.
  5. String some pearl beads on a wire. It should be enough to go around the edges of the cap. You can tuck the string back into the bead to give it a good finish with no strings showing.
  6. Now glue the beads around the edges of the cap.
  7. Fold up the 1/2″ wide ribbon in half and tie in a knot. Glue the ends of the ribbon inside the two bottle caps, one end on each leaving the knot right at the top of the caps so that they fit together like a clamshell and the loop of the ribbon is above the knot. This loop will be used to string the locket onto the gold thread.
  8. Open up the dry bottle caps and lay them flat, so the two insides are facing up.
  9. Cut 2 two, 1cm/1″ diameter circles out of your pictures that you want in the locket. Glue the picture to the inside of the caps. You can also put hand written messages, dried flowers, or even small mementoes’ inside.
  10. Then apply a thin coat of white craft glue to the picture and allow drying. This is to protect the picture from water damages. You can also apply a coat of clear nail polish on top of the glue coat for a glossy and shiny look. . Resin can also be used to glaze and seal the image. A good 24 hours is needed for this to dry before it can be used.
  11. Give it some time to dry well
  12. You can decorate the outside of the cap with a small metal object, button or give a shiny coat of golden paint to make it look more attractive. You can also use metallic paint or nail polish to give that shiny look.
  13. Now close the cap by folding the ribbon in half. The bottle cap should be close up like a clam.
  14. Now, thread the golden chain through the ribbon. You can make a stitch with needle and thread through the small hole made on the edge to secure the locket on the chain and prevent it from falling off.
  15. Now you have a custom-made bottle cap locket to wear or gift to your friend. These make loving personal gift for any dear friend. It is very easy to make these bottle cap lockets, all you need is a little time.

This craft is no herculean task. Not only is it fun, but also makes the most cutest soveneirs that you can gift to family and friends. Try this out today, trust us when we say you will not be disappointed.