How To Make An Exquisite Turkey Dinner Bash On A Shoestring Budget

Are you looking for something special and stylish to make this holiday season memorable? With the holiday season just round the corner, it is high time one starts thinking about the variety of ways to make this time simply joyous and happy for everyone. Since, the financial climate is slightly restrictive, it is better to stick with simple meals and tasteful decor. It will never look Dickensian. As it is, ensuring a fancy spread every year has become quite a boring routine, thus getting back to the basics is the best idea given the conditions. This can be done by following certain steps. Let us discuss some of them.

Planning well in time

If you want this day to be extra special, it is wise to begin your day with your day planner and start by planning the menu. Thanksgiving dinner is incomplete without a well stuffed turkey. Nearly 40 percent of the Thanksgiving dinner’s cost is accounted by Turkey, although the bird can be cooked on any other joyous occasion. If bought a little early, one can easily get a frozen bird. It is not only easy to store but can also be defrosted at any time and roasted till it is succulent and juicy.


Preparation work can begin a few days before, so that there is no running around on the day it is needed. Bread can be torn for stuffing and to make dinner rolls and pie crust, dough can be mixed. Stock can be made by simmering chicken. Before starting with Turkey preparations, it is wise to browse through your pantry and see if all ingredients are available. In anything is missing, it is better to buy beforehand instead of running to the market at the last moment.

Turkey Casserole

Cook in a Classic manner

Any holiday is the time to celebrate and enjoy, it is not the time to experiment with a new recipe. It is better to stick to a time tested recipe where you have no need to enhance your skill level unduly. Also, it is not wise to keep the hungry crowd waiting for long. Moreover, on certain occasions, traditional recipes work best. If your experimentation with orange infusion, clove stuffing does not work, you may have to shell out more money to order for a Mexican takeout. When turkey is roasted using the classic recipe, with excellent stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, it will no doubt a mouth watering preparation.

Are you looking for something nontraditional?

In case, this year you are looking for something different, you can surely look for a deviation from the classics, but at the same time, remember to choose a recipe that is easy to cook and do not require a lot of ingredients. One simply needs to make a chic and stylish culinary statement and this can be easily done by using different cooking methods, like instead of roasting, one can grill turkey burgers. Different condiments can be used to make the dish all the more interesting. Also, cranberry spritzers can be served instead of regular champagne or wine.

Stunning Decor

Once everything is ready and prepared, the next step is to lay an enchanting dinner table. In order to achieve this, one need not spend a fortune. Seasonal flowers can be used and your grandmother’s best china can be used as serving dishes. These natural elements can go a long way in decorating the dinner table.

Last but not the least, you need to be a discerning host. You need to be welcoming and attentive to the needs of the guests. Smart and thoughtful choices can be used. One must be very clear about the taste of the guests coming home. This is the best way to make ensure a memorable dinner with turkey being served with panache and style!