How To Make Money From a Blog

Blogging gives people the effective way to express their thoughts, ideologies and feelings with other like-minded people online. It gives companies a way to establish brand image and develop relationships with customers. However, company owners and budding entrepreneurs can use blogs to make money when they have a service or a product to promote. With decent writing skills, and passion for a subject- it is possible to monetize blogs. However, some people succeed in earning a living out of writing blogs while some others use blogs as a source of additional income.

How To Make Blogging A Source of Income

Basically, you can proceed in two ways to earn from blogs.

  • You may work as a freelance blogger or be employed for a company.
  • You can start your own blog from the basics to earn.

As a matter of fact, finding the job of a professional blogger can prove to be less tedious than starting your own blog and monetize it. Setting up a personal blog and monetizing it is a time consuming process, no matter how good a writer you are. The reality is when blogging itself was in its nascent stage people found it easier to publish the blog and carve out a niche. Now, it is not that easy anymore. You will require both patience and consistency to succeed.


Earning Limits from blogging

It is hard to say with certainty how much or less you can earn from blogging. However, bloggers working for MNCs do get good salary while instances of freelancers making it big in blogging are also not unheard of. The amount of earning varies on factors like:

  • How frequently you submit blogs
  • Quality and relevance of the posts
  • How interesting and though provoking the posts are
  • Your traffic generation skills
  • Last but not the least, luck

How To Earn Money From Blogging

Initially, you can opt for free hosted blogs rather than buying a domain. You will get plenty of resources and tools to begin with. Of course, you need to pick a niche to write posts on.

Promoting The Blogs

Just publishing blog posts will not be enough for monetary purposes, you will have to promote them. The web services that can be useful here include bookmarking and blog directories. It will help your blog get the attention of top search engines and the result will be enhanced traffic. You may comment on blogs of other people relevant to your niche to get links and reach out to more bloggers.

Using Google Adsense

To earn money from your blog, you should make use of Google Adsense. The internet search giant allows users to show targeted advertisements in their blogs. When viewers click on these ads and that leads to a purchase, a section of revenue will be offered to you by Google. Of course, you need to comply with Google’s terms for using this service.

Fresh Content

The revised and changing search engine algorithms of Google are applicable for blogs as well. It is not enough to submit quality posts in your blog. You also need to update the blog with consistency. When your blog gets fresh entries every week or so, it will retain the interest of regular readers and new readers will flock to it gradually.

Using Other Avenues

You need to look for websites that offer payments to post on the blog posts published by you. With a little effort, you may get sites that offer payment for advertisement and link posting on your blogs. However, these sites will be accessible once your blog gets indexed by the leading search engines.

Using RSS

Using RSS to promote your blogs can be effective when you want to earn money from it. The RSS feeds help your blog get new readers.

Using Power of Social Media

When numerous mid to large scale businesses are harnessing the power of social media sites, there is no reason why you, as a blogger, cannot do that. It is important to develop a brand image for the blog, when it comes to earning money. You can use top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to attract more readers towards the blog and widen income avenues.