How To Make Your Kid’s Birthday Party Extra Special

A child’s laughter is music to a parent’s ear. To a parent, nothing can compare to the feeling of seeing their kids enjoy every moment of their life.

For every child, birthdays are the most anticipated days of the year and hosting a fun-filled party for them and their friends not only provides treasured memories but also facilitates social skill development.

Putting Together the Perfect Children’s Party

Organising a party for kids however, can be stressful as children do need to be kept occupied with multiple activities to avoid boredom and misplaced energy inevitably attained by sugar hits! It can require a lot of work on your part since planning everything may take some time to accomplish—from choosing cool music to preparing gifts and games to ensure that the kids will have a good time.

In addition to that, catering needs to have a good balance between healthy or unhealthy as well as being sensitive to any allergies of your children, or their friends.

One way to minimise the sweet or lolly content you have readily available on the day is to confine much of it to loot bags. Not that this will stop all children, but at least it gives parents of younger children time to check the items inside the loot bags, before giving it back to the kids when they reach home.

If you want a sure-fire way to add mountains of fun and excitement to your kid’s birthday however, then try these proven theme party ideas:

Party Idea #1: Fairy Party (For Girls)


For your little girl who dreams of becoming a fairy princess, throw a fairy-themed party to make her birthday extra special.

The Scene

When you think of fairyland, you can imagine the smell of wild flowers growing on the forest floor, the millions of butterflies with colourful wings, and the magic pixie dust floating in the air. With these ideas in mind, you can start turning your party venue into an enchanting place your kids will adore. With the help of decorative items and other party supplies like balloons, flower garlands, and ribbons in lively shades of purple, pink, pale green, gold and white—you can start creating a fairyland of your own. For a bewitching feel in the air, turn on the bubble machines; you can find these items for rent in various party supply shops for kids.

The Food


When it comes to food, you can serve the kids with enchanting treats like colourful cupcakes; cookies shaped into flowers, stars and magic wands; chocolate dipped strawberries, chips and crackers; and jelly beans, which you can call—fairy gems. You can also serve drinks like pink lemonade, fairy punch and cranberry juice in bright-coloured plastic cups.

The Games

With a fairy-themed party, you have a lot of options to play fun activities that would keep the kids entertained. You can weave fairy stories into various birthday party games. For instance, you can recreate a simple relay game and turn it into a pixie dust relay or a fairy costume relay.

Party Idea #2: Superhero Party (For Boys)

There’s something about a cape or a superhero costume that makes little boys happy. Regardless of which superhero your birthday boy is currently addicted to, you can make his dream of becoming a “hero” by planning a superhero-themed party for his birthday.

The Scene


Gotham, Metropolis and Asgard—every superhero has a city or planet to protect. To get the superhero vibe, draw a city skyline on the walls of the party venue. For a unique digital photo booth, paste “wanted” posters with photos of superhero villains like The Joker, Lex Luther and Loki, and have the kids pose against the backdrop and start taking pictures. You can add many other exciting things to liven up your kid’s party such as popcorn and candy machines, which you can rent from various party supplies shops online.

The Food

Kids are usually content to eat hotdogs, pastas and pizzas, but if you want to serve delicious treats that are fit for a superhero theme party, then add some of these cool ideas. Shape your baked cookies into superhero logos with the use of cutters to cut out bats, diamonds and lightning bolts. Also serve kids with chips and fries in cones and boxes made of comic books. For drinks, make it stylish by decorating the bright-coloured plastic cups with pop art images of your kid’s favourite superheroes and iconic superhero words like “BAM” and “ZAP”.

The Games

The good thing about a superhero-themed birthday party is that the games can be action-packed, unlike other party themes which require tamer activities. For fun and adventure, you can let your kids practice their superhero skills by playing obstacle course games like popping balloons, running through hula hoops and jumping on cushions and pillows.