How To Make Your Own Perfume

You will be hard pressed to find a person nowadays who does not like perfumes. The preference for subdued and strong aromas is there, but disliking perfumes is quite rare in both genders. However, it is not compulsory that you have to stick to OTC deodorants, EDTs and spray perfumes. Commercially sold perfumes often contain chemicals and allergens. Thousands of women and men are allergic to synthetic fragrances. The solution is switching to natural fragrances. It is possible to make perfumes with safe, natural herbs and extracts at home and it will not be a costly proposition either.

Below listed are a few methods to make enchanting perfumes at home:


Herbal Perfume

If you had thought herbs are good only for health or for making green teas, think again. They can also be used to make perfumes. Take some rosemary and lavender together. Grind them to make a paste and add some water to it. Also, pour in a few drops of alcohol. Then strain the mixture slowly. Put it in an empty perfume bottle.

Using Liquid Soap

Take a bottle of liquid soap with floral or any fragrance that suits your fancy. Then fill up a bottle with water, leaving some space on top. Now, pour the liquid soap. Then close the bottle and shake well. The bubbles will form inside. Spray some of it in the air and walk through it to let the aroma soak in.

Using Flowers

If floral fragrances are what you like, try this method to make perfumes. You can pick from rose, lavender or any other flower, based on the aroma that is your favourite. Then, use odourless oil and fill a jar with it. Cut the flowers and discard the stem. Put the petals in the jar filled with oil and close the lid. Ensure it is air tight. Keep it in this condition for some weeks. Then, pour the perfumed oil in an empty bottle. Your floral fragrance is ready for use.

Using Essential Oil

Using essential oils to make perfume is a nice idea. You will have to use carrier oil and base oil. Ideal carrier oils include Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Olive Oil- they have neutral smell. The base oil can be jasmine, ylang ylang and sandalwood oil. For a half ounce of carrier oil, you need to mix 2- 4 drops of base oils. Mix the oils well in a bottle and keep for some time. It will be ready for use. You can also use this as a gift. You can experiment with other essential oils, but keep in mind using too many variants will not yield good results.

Using Alcohol

You may like the silken feeling induced by drinking vodka but for once used your favourite type of liquor to make perfume. Mix 15 percent of an essential oil of your choice to 85 percent of vodka. Stir the mixture and keep it still for 2 days or so. After that, add some spring water and stir again well. Keep still for another day and strain into a new bottle. You may use essential oils like ylang-ylang or jasmine to make this perfume.

Making Solid Perfume

There are some men and women who love using roll on or stick based perfumes rather than commonplace spray variants. They need not be disappointed since stick type perfume can also be made at home!

You will need to use Beeswax, carrier oil like sweet almond or olive oil, base oil you like and a container ideal for holding solid perfume. You may use used lip balm container. The Beeswax ensures the aroma stays for a long time as it is.

On an average, you can accommodate 10 drops of oil per tsp of solid perfume base. At first, blend the essential oils in a small container. Take a double boiler and heat water at the bottom and put beeswax into clean top pot. When the wax is liquid, pour in carrier oil and stir for a few minutes. Then pour the mixture in the container. Remember that after removing it from the boiler, the mixture can get solid rather fast. After some time, the perfumed mixture will be cold and hardened, ready for use.

Try these simple and innovative ways to make perfume at your very home. You no longer need to spend wads of money buying exotic perfumes. Get creative and dish out perfumes using these simple and fool proof techniques at your leisure time at home!