How To Make Your Sister Feel Special This Rakhi

Rakhi is that time of the year where you appreciate the presence of sisters in your life. Why it’s just one day, we don’t know. But this we do, you have to do all you possibly can to make her feel special. Show your sister how much you care about her with these next few ideas. It’s time to go all in and shower love and affection on your sister.

  1. Don the Sous Chef Hat for a Day


Okay, we exaggerated, maybe not for a day, but just a single meal. There isn’t anyone who knows your sister’s taste better than you do. Surprise her by whipping up her favourite meal. What’s better than waking up to a home cooked meal by her favourite sous chef?

  1. Plan a Trek Together

Childhood may be long gone and the memories you made will never be forgotten. Instead of revelling in yesterday’s treasures, why don’t you create new ones? Plan a trek for just the two of you so you can rediscover what it’s like to spend time together again.

  1. Make her a Personalized Gift

Going all in on a present maybe the fast and efficient way to get her something she loves. But what if you downsize it? Make her something that would really show her how much you care? You write personalized messages and place them all in a jar. That you be your Message In A Bottle for her.

  1. Fresh Flowers

Flower Gift

Go to the closest florists and buy her a nice bunch of sweet, fresh smelling flowers. Nothing lights up a day as much as flowers do.

  1. Photo Frames

If there’s one thing women are suckers for, it’s those touchy photo frames with a nice caption by the side. Frame a picture of your favourite memory with your sister with one of the said photo frames and watch how she melts away at this sweet gesture.

  1. Announce it on Social Media

Social Media

When it’s your birthday or special day, your sister makes sure her world knows how much you mean to her. Why don’t you do the same? Go loud and write a long Facebook post on how much you love your sis!

  1. At your Service Madame

You know how your sister helps around the house, doing tiny little chores for mom and you too? Why don’t you free her of her duties for a day, because let’s face it guys, You don’t do half as much as the women in your household!

  1. A Box of Chocolates

Raki Chocolates

Traditions shouldn’t be messed with we think. This is when the classic box of chocolates comes in handy. Gift her the biggest box of chocolates you can find. And hey, don’t just stop at one. Keep them coming.

  1. Jewellery

Which girl doesn’t like nice big shiny jewellery? Plan in advance and make sure you save up enough to buy your sister a nice piece of jewellery. You could keep it simple with a simple necklace or a nice pair of earrings or even a nice ring would be just perfect.

  1. Take her Shopping

You could begin by telling her you’re going out for a drive, but instead stop by the mall. Well, she obviously didn’t bring her credit card, so guess who that leaves us with? Spend big on your sister to show her how much she means to you. Your day might end with a hole burnt through your pocket, but it’s worthwhile.

  1. Throw her a Surprise Party

Surprise Party

If you’ve been a horrible brother to her right through the years, this could just make all of it right. Celebrate your sister, by throwing her a nice big surprise party. Invite all her friends, order her favourite food and for the icing on the cake, tell her you love her. You know, just in case actions don’t speak louder than words.

  1. Time to Open up Pandora’s Box

You might live your life by a closed book, but how long do you really think you’re going to be able to keep everything under wraps? Why don’t you just open up to your sister about all those doubts and questions she’s had over the past? It would make her day, for sure, and maybe ease off your burden of having to stuff all those secrets down.

  1. Sponsor a Vacation for her


If there’s one time when you should spend some big bucks on your sister, this is it. Sponsor a vacation to her dream destination to show her how much you care. What’s more, you could tag along if you want to strengthen those sibling bonds.

  1. All Things Spa

Buy your sister a package at the spa for a day filled with spoiling. She would like a break from her everyday life. Especially if that day calls for a relaxing nice little outing at the spa.

  1. Check one off her Wishlist

Your sister might have a wishlist on things she’s been eyeing for the past few months. While we aren’t saying you should go on a shopping spree and buy her all of those, you could buy her just one. Maybe her favourite from the list, or something she’s been longing for. Check one box off and give her one less problem to worry about.

  1. Make her a Greeting Card

Raki Card

Nothing says you care as much as a handmade greeting card. It might not cost you a lot, or anything for that matter, but that one thought is going to make your sister feel really special. You could use all her favourite colours, one of which would have to be pink, and create a little greeting card for her. You could add in photos of your childhood, or make a collage of all her pictures. Don’t hold back on the creativity.

There you have it. A little list for you to tick items off. You sure didn’t have to wrack your brain for these, so you’re welcome! Now go out there and make the most of this list!