How To Pick Neckties

When you have shirts and suits of various hues and fabrics, it is necessary to wear matching neckties with them. However, small they seem, neckties are an integral part of male dressing and any grooming conscious man is particular about choosing this accessory with the attire. Choosing an apt tie often plays a role in making you look attractive and elegant in a gathering.

Men’s ties are available in a plethora of design, hues and fabrics. The sheer abundance of choices often makes some men unsure about what type of tie will suit them the best. While everyone has a personal preference, there are certain other factors that need to be considered when you shop for a necktie.

Essential Tips For Picking A Necktie

Gone are the days when you could simply pick a black necktie because it goes with almost any type of dress. Nowadays, men need to attend various personal and professional events where dressing needs to be impeccable. It is not as simple as wearing a tie with shirts having contrasting hues.


Think of The Proportion

The most important aspect of choosing a necktie is thinking of its proportion. The width and length of a tie and its feasibility for the wearer is what matters the most. Men who are taller than the majority should opt for XL sized ties. Men with short heights can prefer skinny ties. As a rule of thumb, the tie should end just above the belt buckle. The tie knot should fill in the gap between collars.

Think of Your Appearance

This is what many men tend to overlook. While they are particular about selecting shirts matching their complexion, tie is often overlooked. Bright hued ties, suit men who have dark hair and skin tone. Fair skinned men can opt for dark shaded neckties. However, some men often have prejudice against certain shades as they consider such colors as not suitable for men!

Choose The Right Color

Now, this is not may not be as simple as it sounds. For more formal occasions, nothing comes close to black or dark grey colored neckties. In semi formal events, where you are most likely to wear a suit and tie, colors like deep reds and blue go fine, though pink is a big NO. These colors evoke professionalism and confidence.

For less formal occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries of friends and relatives, you can try lighter shades. You may wear pastel shade ties in summer months while earthy tones go well with winter or fall events. When you wear a waistcoat or shirt with variant multicolored pattern, wear a tie with solid hues.

Pick The Right Fabric

It is just not enough to pick the necktie with an eye on color and design. You also need to be mindful about the fabric of the tie. A lot of men prefer wearing silk ties. The popularity of silk ties is mostly owing to the fact they remain in shape longer than other fabric types. It is also quite durable and lightweight. There are Polyester blend ties that also retain shape rather well. The problem with cotton ties is that they tend to get wrinkled quickly.

Vintage Stuffs

If you have a penchant for retro stuffs, vintage neckties can catch your fancy. They go well with vintage suits. However, some men also carry off vintage tie with modern suits. You need to ensure the shirt or suit is relatively low key.

Examine The Tie In Detail

When you are done with selecting the fabric, color a design of a necktie, look closely and feel it to check the quality. You have to check the lining of a tie first. Ties with top notch lining do not get wrinkled fast. The surface of the tie needs to be checked too. Pure or woven silk will make your finger glide like it is on butter! Mixed fabric will feel relatively coarse.

Try And Decide

There are many online garment shops that let you try various attires and accessories online before you buy them. You can have a virtual trial to know how the tie suits you. It is a convenient way to buy ties that will suit your style and personality.