How To Prepare Yourself Emotionally Before Saying “I Do”

It is so easy to forget about the legalities and responsibilities involved in a partnership when you’re in a preparing-for-your-dream-wedding stage. Nevertheless, it’s vital to consider the more serious aspect of a relationship because you have to say “I do!” with your eyes open and your mind aware. Though you might be on cloud nine because you’re marrying your soul mate, it’s essential to be emotionally prepared for your marriage, not just your wedding.

Why Prepare Yourself Emotionally before Marriage?

A wedding begins and ends in a day (or a few days in some cultures). A marriage, however, is supposed to be a lifetime commitment. Hence, it’s important that you enter a marriage prepared, not only financially, but also emotionally. This way, you’ll have more realistic expectations about your partnership, your soon-to-be-husband/wife, and yourself. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and being aware that there is really no 100% way to get ready for marriage, will give you some insight about what you can do to give yourself and your marriage a better chance of surviving real life.

So, here are a few questions that might require you to do a little bit of soul searching.


Why are you marrying your partner?

It’s so common for people to marry for all the wrong reasons. Some young twenty-somethings or even older teens may be forced by their parents to marry because of pregnancy. Others search far and wide to marry a person who can provide them with all the material things that they want. Marrying for all the wrong reasons can end up badly. Couples could divorce, and, in such cases, the adults aren’t the only ones affected. When a marriage has been blessed with children, the young ones often bear the brunt of the emotional hardships of a divorce.

Do you really know your partner?

Not everyone has a squeaky clean past. Some have skeletons in their closets. If you have one, you should speak up before you go down the isle. Why? Although you’re planning to forever hold your peace, particularly if you have a secret which you think your partner might not be able to accept, there is a risk that he (or she) could discover it after you’re married. This will be a huge challenge to both of you, and you might get accused of being untrustworthy. What will you do then? Do you believe that your marriage will be able stand this test? Also, there will already be too much on the line – your marriage and your children.

What are your expectations?

Most little girls grow up expecting to marry their own prince charming. Well, it’s not a surprise since many of us have been brought up hearing about Cinderella, Snow White, and other damsels in distress saved by their Prince Charmings. Reality, however, is so different from what fairy tales portray. Men and women generally have to work to keep their lifestyles, and both parties have to do their share in order to make their partnership work. Because you will be entering a lifelong commitment, you need to have an idea about what you can expect from yourself and from your partner.

Can you marry someone without thinking about divorce first?

There are some who go into a marriage thinking that they can always get a divorce if things don’t work out. This is not a good outlook. You should always consider marriage as a union that’s supposed to last a lifetime and not something that you can easily annul or terminate in case things don’t work out like you expect them to.