How To Propose To An Indian Girl

Being in love is undeniably the most beautiful feeling in this world, but when it comes to proposing the love of your life, you definitely have to think. While there are no specific ways of proposing to an Indian girl, or for that matter any girl in this world, there are certain subtle things that you need to keep in mind while proposing an Indian girl. And, this is mainly due to the culture of this nation.

Check out to know about those factors right below.

  1. How long have you known here?

How long have you been friends with that girl you have given your heart to? If it is just a couple of weeks, then please do wait for at least a few more weeks till you get to know more of her. Immediate proposal would make her feel that you are just playing around with her emotions. However, if you have known her since childhood for a long period of time, then you can go ahead.

 Propose To An Indian Girl

  1. Pay heed to the cues

If she loves you she will leave cues for you. Indian girls have the habit of asking the man of their life how they look in particular dress. They dress up the way you love. They even go an extra mile by getting you some delicate snacks from their home. So, do watch out for these cues.

  1. The timing

You do not have to wait for Valentines’ day to propose her, but choose a day when she is with you alone. What you can do is to give out hints that you have the ‘feelings’ for her and you will soon propose her.

  1. Do you homework right

Yes, this is very essential… Be it your style of proposal or the timing, you have to do your homework right… Observe each and every moment of hers… try to find out what she likes and dislikes… Gather as much information as possible from her friends and extended circles. This will come handy when you talk to her and propose her.

  1. Choose your words right

The choice of words make the difference. There are cases where guys end up with wrong words, despite the homework done. This will only spoil the whole thing if she is a very sensitive girl. While a “I love you” is more than enough to convince and send a girl into blushes, there are times she would appreciate if you really express your feelings to her before uttering these three gorgeous words…

  1. Keep a tab on your body language

Tension does prevail and that too in intense levels, but just make sure that your body language showcases to be a confident one. This will deepen her belief in you… If you have confidence, it will also help you to resolve any unprecedented issues also. Take a deep breath and relax. Just look straight into her with that mesmerizing smile of yours… She will be all yours…

  1. Do not expect an answer immediately

Indian girls, however bold they appear outwards, still have their level of shyness and coyness which adds to their beauty and uniqueness. While her face might still give out her feelings for you she has at the moment, she still might resist saying a yes outright. Indian girls enjoys when she sees you eagerly waiting with awaited breath for her answer. May a time, a typical answer would be “ I really don’t know what I feel…. Mmm…. Why don’t you give me a couple of hours/days? I will give you a call…”

Get down on your knees and woo her with a bunch of roses and a pack of chocolates… [But make sure she is not a fitness freak!]. Indian girls, however modern she is, still has those traditional values buried deep within her. They love relationships to last longer and stronger. They nurture relationships, allowing them to grow with time. She loves to be cared and adored.

Just make sure that you get the basics right always. Last, but not the least – try to be unique. Do something that really makes her say a yes. Any girl is sure to accept you…

All the best!