How To Shave With Electric Razor

Traditionally, the word shaving conjures up the image of using razors up and down the chin with shaving foam or gel. It is the most commonplace way to get rid of facial hair and beard. However, with time, technology has seeped into the male grooming arena as well. Nowadays, a significant number of grooming conscious men are switching to electric razors for shaving beard and facial hair.

Switchover To Electric Razor

There are some reasons for which men are resorting to electric shavers, leaving behind conventional razor and foam.
You get the freedom from using water, gel and such stuff, to begin with. On a chilly winter morning, that can be sheer bliss! Tech savvy people find this device to be a part of their life as well. With time, price of electric razors are declining and technology used in them are improving. If you are still unsure of making the switchover, there is nothing to worry. A bit of caution and preparation will enable you to get smooth shaves minus skin irritation and an uneven feeling.

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Making The Switchover To Electric Razor- Step By Step

  • Selecting The Right Razor

This is the most important thing when you want to change the way you shave beard and facial hair. You will come across various models of such razors in the market and an online search will also yield several options. The most popular brands are Philips, Panasonic and Braun. The price will vary on type and the features the kit offers. The selection ultimately comes down to your needs, hair type and monetary limit. You may read online reviews of these razors to help you pick the most apt one.
Two popular electric razor types are rotary and foil razors. Rotary razors are equipped with three circular rotating blades while foil razors have three straight rows of blades that move when activated. You can find razors made for thick beard, those with self-cleaning systems. Nowadays, you can also find models that can be used with water and foam to simulate regular shaving experience.

  • Preparing Facial Skin

Before you start using an electric razor on your facial hair and beard, prepare the skin. It is best if you take a bath with lukewarm water or at least cleanse the face. Warm water helps in opening up pores on face. The hair follicles are also softened. You may also resort to using pre shave lotions or fluids. Unless the razor is compatible with water, the face should not be moist. It is better if you read the user manual provide with the razor before using it for the very first time.

  • Right Shaving Method

There is no fixed formula for it. Different people have different hair texture and skin type. While shaving against hair growth may be useful for a person that is not universally applicable. You may have to experience a few hiccups before getting what is most apt for you in this regard. For some people, getting used to electric shavers after using conventional razors for a long time is a tedious process.

  • Taking Care Of Razor And Apparatus

To get smooth and irritation free shaves, it is necessary to keep the blades of the electric razor clean at all times. Ideally, you should clean the blades with brush after every usage. A majority of models have removable head and that ensures easy cleaning. Based on the model and usage instructions, you can wash the blades under tap water too. After a period of usage, the blades may need to be replaced as well.

Taking Care Of Skin Pre And Post Shave

Based on your skin type, some skin irritation may occur, mostly after shaving. This happens mostly to men with sensitive skin. This can also happen with regular shaving no matter how careful you are. However, to minimize chances of skin irritation you need to treat your skin well both before and after shaving with electric razors.

There are various types of pre shave skin toners and after shave balms in the market that you can try. You need to choose a product based on your skin type. You may also find some organic and alcohol free lotions to soothe skin. People with oily skin should avoid using creams post shaving.