How To Solve Social Anxiety Problems In Children

Does your every talking child suddenly withdraw herself and stop talking when in public? Does that little angel of yours break into tears when in a group? If your answer is a yes, then your little one could be suffering from what is called as social anxiety disorder. There is nothing worrisome about this condition as it happens with more than 90% of the children. It is just that your kid becomes over conscious about how the public will judge or scrutinize her.

While there does exist medications to put your child at ease, you could handle this at home through some simple techniques. And that is what precisely this article talks to you.


Handling Social Anxiety In Children

1. Talk To Your Child About It!

It is perfectly fine. They do understand. Sit with them and explain to them that what they experience has a name and it is called anxiety. Make your child understand that it happens with many kids and she is not alone. Kids need to understand that anxiety is a common condition that helps the body prepare for any danger. It is nothing fearsome or shameful. And, there is no need to feel embarrassed also.

2. Teach To Relax

Once the child understand that there is nothing worrisome, you could teacher her some simple relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and muscle relaxation. In the first technique, you use a conscious breathing pattern that helps in slowing down the racing heart and easing the dizziness.

  • Deep Breathing: Take a deep breath in through the nose slowly and exhale completely and slowly through the mouth. Ask your child to repeat the process a handful of times so that he will find himself relaxing.
  • Muscle Relaxation: Some simple yoga poses such as Tadasana (Mountain Pose) and Vrkshasana (Tree Pose) will help in relaxing the tensed muscles quickly. Teach the kids some stretching poses also as they improve the circulation levels and ease the tension.

3. Teach The Child To Face The Fears

Facing the fears is very essential. While it could be easier for you to convince your older kids, making the younger ones understand fear is a little tedious task. Coax your child by convincing him to start something small and easy such as wishing her classmate a good morning or a hi. You could practice the same at home by enacting role models. Encourage your little one to repeat the same activity till she no longer feels scary about the situation. Once you feel your child is not anxious, you could slowly move on to the next.

4. Provide Opportunities For Social Interaction

It is very essential to ensure that the fear factor vaporizes. Interacting with the peers and creating new friends are known to be one of the best ways to overcome social anxiety disorders. You could convince your child to take a group class such as art or dance. He or she could also join a sports class or become a peer helper.

5. Develop And Nourish The Social Skills

Better social skills help the child to cope up with the social anxiety in a better way. You could work with the child to help her improve her eye contact while talking, adjusting the volume according to a situation, start and keep conversations alive, develop new friends, and even saying a no whenever required.

6. Allow Your Child To Speak

Do not speak for your little one. Instead you could always encourage her to answer the question when someone queries.

7. Increase The Chances of Social Exposure

Allow your kids to play with other kids and attend birthday parties and other such social activities. Once with peers, they would slowly learn to cope up.

8. Praise Your Child

Do not do the blame game if something goes wrong. Instead try to praise whenever your child takes an effort to overcome his fear. This will boost her confidence levels and help her to take the next step.

How did you manage social anxiety issues of your child? Tell us right here…