How To Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Bag

For a majority of women, jewelry remains the most prized and desired possession. However, some ladies, especially those belonging to elite segments of society, go weak in their knees over branded accessories and merchandise. A designer handbag from the likes of Gucci, Chanel or Louis Vuitton is nothing short of irresistible temptation to them! These bags may burn a hole in the wallet, but people with taste and capacity to afford them care for the sheer brand appeal. Louis Vuitton bags in particular are a rage among celebs, models and socialites.

Ways To Spot Fake Louis Vuitton Bags

When you have saved for months and given up on other tempting purchases to grab a Louis Vuitton bag, ending up with a fake lookalike is something you must prevent! Sadly, counterfeit product rackets have smartened up over the years, and fake models resembling bags made by the luxury French fashion house abound in the markets. Popularity of online shopping has given the fake product makers new avenues to dupe people.


However, if you are careful and do some research, it is not impossible to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag and buy authentic one. Use these methods to spot a fake LV bag:

Researching With Care

When a fancy bag with LV tag and logo catches your attention, find out if it is manufactured by the company at all. Use the Louis Vuitton website and catalogue to find if it actually belongs to the range or not. This is especially applicable for multicoloured models.

Thinking Of The Material

The majority of bags from Louis Vuitton have leather parts. If the bag has coated canvas the trim should be made of leather. Leather made trims should not have an oily or sticky feel.

Checking For Quintessential LV Style

Louis Vuitton is a legendary French fashion brand that has been making bags and merchandise since 1854. The style and design elements are well known. You need to look for the monogram in a bag. In general, the LV monogram is placed symmetrically, except for a few vintage models. Since Louis Vuitton uses a single piece of canvas to wrap the bag front to back, some bags may have the LV logo upside down.

Checking for Stitching And Hardware

Louis Vuitton bags are known for their excellent and impeccable stitching and craftsmanship. The stitching will be regular and even in a genuine LV bag, no matter how small or large it is. Checking the hardware used in such a bag is also important in this regard. This brand is known for usage of gold and brass hardware in its bags. Another thing to note is the zippers with LV letters imprinted. Checking these minor details can help you spot fake bags.

Made In France Tag

It is true that the origin of the prestigious fashion brand is in France. However, that does not necessarily mean every LV bag in market with “Made in France” sticker is authentic. On the contrary, the company also makes bags in countries like Italy, Spain and Germany.

Evading Discounted Louis Vuitton Products

Do not let the fever of discounted designer bags sold online catch you when you are a LV fan! The truth is the elite French fashion brand does not sell bags at a reduced rate, online or otherwise. The company does not resort to year-end sales either. Its products are sold through standalone boutiques and some posh department stores, and also the company website itself. There are simply no wholesale distribution outlets of the company. A low priced LV bag offered by any other website than the company itself with limited period offer is likely to be a trap to dupe you.

Checking The Tags Carefully

When you purchase an authentic LV bag from its boutiques, it will have a tag. However, these will not be hanging tags. It may be tucked into the bag’s pocket or inside an envelope that is given to you with the receipt. When you see a LV bag with a hanging tag, it is most likely to be counterfeit.

Checking Straps And Handles

Genuine Louis Vuitton bags have straps made with superior untreated cowhide leather with pale yellow or whitish shade. The company does not use any plastic wrap on handles and straps of these bags.

Armed with these eye opening tips to spot a fake LV bag, you are sure to get your money’s worth. Be vigilant when you go shopping for a LV bag, for there are several counterfeits that look just as appealing and stylish!