How To Spot Fake Designer Handbags

People have hobbies and penchant for several things in life. While some people have a penchant for top notch perfumes, there are some others who love buying and collecting exotic artefacts. However, for some elite women, designer handbags seem irresistible! They would give up a diamond pendant for grabbing a Louis Vuitton or Gucci handbag. These bags can cost buyers a whopping amount, but those who can afford such items, know the brand value and appeal.

Menace of Counterfeit Designer Bags

The menace of counterfeit products is not limited to pharmaceutical and IT industry. Fake designer bags are the worst nightmare of people who have a liking for bags made by top notch brands. In the last decade, look-alike of designer bags from the likes of Gucci and Chanel have flooded the market in many countries. It can be a headache for both the companies and their target customers.

Designer Handbags

There are a few reasons behind the growth of the fake designer bag rackets:

End of Brand Outlet Monopoly

There was a time when designer bag aficionados would head to brand outlets to buy the models. However, this is no longer the case. With bargain deals and time limited sales offered by third party entities becoming popular, bargain seeking buyers are making a beeline for opportunities. However, some of these deals may end up as a venue for duping with fake counterparts of designer bags.

Online Deals

Similarly, several websites claim to offer designer bags from Chanel or Gucci at lucrative prices. For many shoppers, resisting the impulse generated by such offers is too hard. However, some such sites can successfully dupe you in buying a designer bag that resembles authentic pieces closely. In the last few years brands like Tiffany and Chanel have filed lawsuits against several websites claiming to sell authentic designer bags.

Counterfeit Marketers Growing Smarter

Sadly, the rackets copying bags of elite brands are growing smarter and efficient with time. Even seasoned users find it hard to distinguish a genuine Louis Vuitton bag from a fake counterpart nowadays.

A Fashionista’s Guide to Spot Fake Designer Bag

The menace of fake designer bags does not necessarily mean you should give up your search for such accessories. Despite the sophisticated operations and the lure of cheaper deals, you can spot differences between a genuine branded bag and a fake model. You need to keep the following aspects in mind when shopping for premium designer bags.

Doing Adequate Research

There is seriously no alternative to doing adequate research when it comes to buying a genuine designer bag. First of all, you need to gather enough information about the brand that is your favourite. It can be an Italian or French entity, but you need to know the quintessential design traits of the brand. You can find such detailed information on the company website. You may also check with friends who have bought such bags before proceeding to shopping.

Checking the Material

It is really important that you inspect the material of the bag, when you are buying it from an outlet. While most brands use various types of leather, there is no hard and fast rule. Some brands may use coated canvas.

Checking The Hardware And Interiors

You also need to look for the hardware. The zippers, closures and clasps should scream quality and there should be nothing shoddy about the stitching. The logo should be embossed or imprinted on leather perfectly. The same thing can be said about lining and inside of the bag. Designer authentic bags have perfection even in the interiors. The genuine bags do not omit pockets or have extra pockets. The proof of authenticity, as the experts say, lie in the small details.

Be Weary of Sugary Deals

There are some shoppers of designer bags who get swept by lucrative deals. Here, you need to perform a reality check. Before you buy a designer bag being offered at a sugary 50 percent off the price, remind yourself top notch brands do not offer products at such low rates. At most, they can offer a stock clearance sale with a marginal price difference.

Be Cautious About Online Deals

It is true that there are some websites that offer genuine branded handbags at slightly lower prices but there are fake ones too. The price tag is what you need to look for. Just like entities offering time limited deals, there are websites that sell fake designer bags at lower rates. It would be a good idea to check online reviews of such sites before you actually buy anything.

Spelling Does Matter

While counterfeit bag makers have mastered the art of copying the stitching, design and sometimes the leather, they can falter on spellings. They may use wrong spellings for the tagline, especially if it is in another language than English. This is one sure fire way of spotting fake designer bags.