How To Stop Finger Nail Biting in Kids

Are you frustrated about your child’s finger nail biting habit? Do you want to stop this? The Nail Biting is a very common habit in kids and it is also not a severe problem for children. Nail biting also offers some infections, therefore, most of the parents are worried and finding the tricks to stop this habit. Don’t worry, today in this article we are telling you some tips to stop the fingernail biting in your kids.

This is not an easy task to stop the Nail biting habit in kids. In certain studies it is observed that an amazing 50% of children between the ages of 10 and 18 bite their fingernails at one time or extra. The habit seems to topmost over the teenage years. There are many causes for nail biting in kids and they are as follows;

Nail Biting

  • Stressful periods at home or at school.
  • Imitation of other children.
  • Poorly trimmed nails.
  • Boredom or a calcium deficiency.
  • A move from thumb sucking.

In most of the cases there is no difficulty occurred due to nail biting but in some children it shows;

  • Bleeding and Lumps around the nail bed.
  • Long-lasting nail damage.
  • More colds and other contaminations by scattering germs from fingers to the lips and mouth.

Top 8 Tricks to Stop Finger Nail Biting:

Now, here we are giving a list of the best tricks that is helpful to stop finger nail biting.

1. Cutting long nails:

Cutting the long nails is very useful for some children. Nails can also be smooth out therefore, they do not problem your child. Change your child’s attention away from nail biting and try to support your child feel decent almost him

2. Raise alertness:

The Nail biting is an unconscious habit and therefore, a lot of the time a child will not even observe when they twitch to bite. Increase the awareness of their nails. You can take photos of their nails each day for a week or two. Then equate the photos and look for any improvement or else.

3. Deal an alternative:

You can also give them a substitute activity like Silly Putty for car rides, smooth stone to hold while reading for a few minutes earlier school or at bedtime. You can also teach your child some relaxation techniques such as clenching or deep breathing and releasing his fists while he feels the craving to bite.

4. Go to tackle the habit early:

Attempt to find if your child is raising a nail biting habit at an initial stage. Just similar to any other habit once it develops established it will be a lot tougher to pause.

5. Make them taste foul:

There are many liquids you can purchase that shelter the nail with an obscene tasting covering. You do need to confirm that this is reapplied on an even basis. This is one of the best widespread methods used to try to stop the habit.

6. Prize his efforts:

A sticky label for each un-chewed nail or a better prize for accepted a week without chewing can be very inspiring. For little girls, the promise of a Barbie doll may work.

7. Decrease anxiety:

Counter worrying occasions in your toddler’s life like a new sibling, or a parent working back to work or opening day care all this with extra care as well as friendliness. Involve some physical action such as playing ball, dancing to firm music and also everything as do silent actions, like drawing or pay attention to a story.

8. Increase calcium consumption:

The calcium deficiency is also responsible for your child’s nail biting problem then rise the total of calcium in their food. Great levels of calcium can be found in leafy green, dairy products, vegetables, seeds, dried fruit, and nuts.