How To Stop Getting Distracted Online

How often do you leave your work behind and spend your time browsing through some website? Or have you noticed that you open your Facebook account every 5 minutes to check if someone has left you a message?

Numerous studies conducted in this area reflect that majority of the people are addicted to The Internet. They have it everywhere they can access – on their PC, laptop, phones – you name the device, you will find the presence of Internet! This distraction, according to researchers, has numerous ill effects. Your performance takes a douse; your family life gets affected; your health is also at risk. You know that you are freaking out online, and you do want to stop it. But you do not know how you could do it. Calm down, take a deep breath, and spend a couple of minutes reading this write-up. You will get your answer.

Easy And Effective Ways To Shield You From Online Distraction

  1. Switch Off Your Phone

Switch Off Your Phone

Switching off is turning off, and not going on Airplane mode as the latter would still allow you go online. You will also be saved from being bombarded by the constant messages from your friends and emails. It is okay to miss some calls or messages. Take the lighter path and stride away from distraction.

  1. Invest in Some “Me” Time


Many people consider browsing the website as a way to end their loneliness. But, if you take a closer look at the reality, you would realize that the more you are online, the lonelier you would be feeling. The internet could be your friend, but not for long hours. So, try to spend some quality time with yourself. You could find out a hobby that would help in easing the boredom. Go out in nature and breathe some fresh air. Experiment with healthy cooking. Join a gym or a yoga class. Read a book. Or just meditate. There are countless ways you could distract yourself in a positive way. Try them. You will feel better.

  1. Install Temporary Website Blocking Program

block networking sites

It is a program that ensures that various sites are blocked anywhere between 15 minutes and 8 hours. This would be the best thing to do, especially if your productivity level is taking a hit. But if you are not unsure about which sites to block or limit, you could try RescueTime. It is a software that restrict your usage by letting you know the time you spend on various apps or sites. There are other programs such as the OFrefox add-on, LeechBlock, Anti-Social, and SelfControl.

  1. Turn The Internet off

internet surfing

If your work does not require the use of Internet, just turn it off. Unplug the modem and save yourself from getting distracted. You could also use a software such as Freedom that helps you turn off the connection. If you want to reconnect, you would have to reboot your system, which is actually a mountainous task. But it is the best bet!

  1. Restrict The Number of Apps You Use

Restrict The Number of Apps You Use

Apps, apps, and apps – all of us use them! Curb the total number of apps you install. You do not need apps always. If there is an emergency, you could always use the Internet.

  1. Use a Timetable For Distraction


Many people are still glued to being “online” even while they are with their family or at home. And, it is very important to refrain from this habit. Being accessible is essential but an addiction that prevents you from doing your duties is not acceptable. But distractions are unavoidable. So you could deal with them by ensuring that you are creating a specific time zone for the online usage. Set the amount of time you would like to spend on online distractions. Complete all the work you need to do with the Internet during this time only.

In fact, there are no hard and fast rules that you could set to prevent yourself from getting distracted. It is in your mind. Many studies suggest that people who indulge in meditation have a better control of their mind. So, master your mind and prevent online distractions! All the best!