How To Stop Your Baby’s Pacifier Habit

Crying babies, at times, really irritate you. And, the last thing that you pick to bring that shrill yelling to an end is the pacifier. Believe it or not, it is a magical tool that does wonders in putting that non-stop shrieking to an end. While it looks good during the initial stage, it slows transforms into an addiction that you might find it difficult to end. If you are looking for some effective ways to help your baby quit this pacifier addiction, then this write-up could be the right help for you.

Here are some of the tested and effective ways to stop your baby’s pacifier habit:

1. The Earlier You Remove It, The Easier It Will Be

According to pediatricians, if you take the pacifier earlier, it will be easier for you to put an end to using this so called magical wand. Babies will, unarguably, showcase a massive protest as it is quite tough for them to live without their beloved friend. What you can do is to take the tool away even before you baby starts acknowledging it, say somewhere around 6 months as toddlers do know ways to melt your heart. Soothe the crying baby with other distractions.

Baby’s Pacifier Habit

2. Do Not Let Her Crying Melt You

The crying involved when the baby loses its friend is heart breaking, but be firm. Do not fall for those heartbreaking strategies they adopt or else your weaning efforts will go vain.

3. Let 12 Months Be The Mark

One year – that is the maximum you can allow your baby to use this. There are quite a few reasons for this. Your baby slowly starts understanding things. This is when she starts talking too and it is easier for you to console her into learning words and make her forget the pacifier.

4. Spoil Its Natural Flavor

This might sound slightly harsh, but it works. A little bit of lemon juice or a pinch of mustard can do wonders. If you have neem oil, that would be the best thing. It tastes so bitter that your kid won’t think of going back to the pacifier again.

5. Give It To The Younger Babies

If you baby understands things now, tell her that pacifiers are meant for small babies and not for the grown up ones. So, she has to give it away to a younger one.

6. Trade It

Trade it with something special. A new toy, a picture book, a healthy eatable – anything will do.

7. Wean When Less Fussy

You can start the weaning when your baby is less fussy. You can keep her hands off the pacifier when she goes to sleep or she is in a new place.

8. Distraction Is The Key

It is quite easy to distract the kids, especially if they are not even two years. When you wean them, introduce them to something new that are interested in. If she is learning to walk, then a short walk would do the job. You can tell a story of some birds sitting atop that tree nearby your home and see how easily she forgets the pacifier.

9. Say No

Keeping saying no every time your toddler asks for it. The more you start negating her requests, the more she will be ready to give up the same.

10. Be Patient

This is the last thing you can do. Pacifier is an addiction that has oodles of emotional elements involved. So, it needs to be taken care of very carefully. If nothing else works, just be patient. Just restrict the use and over the time, she will overcome it.

Using pacifiers are known to pose health issues for kids, including speech and teeth issues. A mother is the best person to decide what is good for her baby. While you can definitely try the above mentioned tips to stop your baby’s pacifier habit, you can always chalk out your way. So, try yourself and decide what is the best!

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