How To Take Good Selfies

Selfies are in the vogue. It is there everywhere – on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – you name the social media you have it. It is an art, when done the right way will elude your from gaining the title of an egomaniac. However, piling up on selfies could actually be harming you, despite the fact that people between the ages of 18 and 24 still opt for it. If you want to take a good selfie that would actually wow your audience, then there are a couple of facts you should always remember… And, here are those…

The 10 Must Know Tips For A Good Selfie

1. Be Natural, But Do Checkout Yourself

Do not just put up some faces; natural is the best. Just give yourself a check before you click. It is perfectly fine if you do not have your makeup on, but if you are posing with makeup, then just make sure that your eyeliner is not spread or lipstick is smudged, unless you don’t mind any lewd comments.


2. Keep A Tab On That Lighting

Lighting, a good one, is the key element for any photograph. A bad lighting does more harm than good as it is unflattering and distracting. Choose a lighting that is neither too dark nor too harsh, but shows you off the way you actually want to.

3. The Background Check

A clear background – that would be my choice when it comes to a selfie. Choose a wall with solid colors or window with good texture curtains would be a nice choice. Keep your bedroom clean, in case you feel like getting into an impromptu selfie session.

4. Shaking Is Not Permissible

Shake, shake, and shake – and there goes your favorite selfie down the lane…. Yes, it happens…. And, with selfies, shaking is more as you hold your camera with a single hand. So, just try to avoid that wobbly arm and hold the mobile at a comfortable distance to rule out the shakes… Just a few clicks and you will be there.

5. Let Go Off Yourself

Selfies are not for those who are always tensed… Keeping yourself calm and gazing into the camera demurely with a pouty look – just do this once and you will understand how cool you look. Selfies are all about casual looks. So, if you love taking selfies, then do make sure you are always cool.

6. Be Confident

Shy – what is that when it comes to taking selfie? Strike a pose, have fun, and be confident. You can try clicking five or six shots and then choose the one that is actually filled up tons of fun and confidence.

7. Grab The Angle Right

You need not look great if you click a selfie by holding the phone right up above your face… So, just take a few shots and then decide which one looks good…. Try something different… you never know what will look awesome.

8. Use The Right Apps And Filters

There are countless app and filters available these days, with many of them coming free of cost. These apps and filters will give you a fabulous new look and bestow you with the dreamiest of your looks… If you are really serious about taking a good selfie, and that too quite frequently, then you ought to think about getting a good handset that offers a selfish mode.

9. Say No To Mirrors

Mirrors are strictly impermissible when it comes to taking a selfie. There are two reasons – your phone is also captured along with you. And the second one, they don’t look great.

10. Never Overdo

Selfies are good and I admit that you should keep clicking quite often to get the best one, but restrict the number of pics you post. A person who posts 4 selfies every couple of hours is bound to be tagged as a sociopath. Everything in moderation – that should be your motto. It is quite easy to get addicted to taking selfies and thus, end up overdoing the whole stiff. So, just be a little careful.

Selfies are embodiments of your true self. It comes with loads of fun, but a decent selfie is an art that you can master only with loads and loads of patience and practice. Take a note of the above mentioned tips and master the art of taking a good selfie. Start practicing and show yourself off!