How To Trim Your Baby’s Nails

Our tiny little angels scratch themselves, unknowingly most of the times, with their nails. And, when they become toddlers, nails are their friends and they use the nails generously when picking up a fight with their sibling. Since babies do not have complete muscle control, they are bound to get scratches and cuts, Properly trimmed nails can actually safeguard them from these not-so-worrisome issues, but trimming their nails is definitely a daunting task.

When you have the right equipments in place along with the proper knowledge, you will be able to easily clip the nails of your squirming baby. Read on to know how you can trim the nails of your baby easily and effortlessly!

Trimming Baby's Nails

The Starters

Take care of the following before you start the clipping process:

  • Sit in a well-lit area when you start trimming the nails of your baby.
  • Clipping the baby’s nails when she sleeps will simplify your task.
  • You can clip the nails as soon as you give her a bath as nails become soft when moist.
  • Always use a clipper designed exclusively for the babies while trimming the nails.

The Tools

Keep these things handy when you start trimming the nails:

  • Baby nail clipper
  • Nail file
  • Sterilized gauzes
  • Baby oil/lotion

How To Clip The Nails of Your Baby

While the best time to trim the nails of your baby is after you give her a bath and put her to sleep, you can keep her distracted with her favorite toy if she is reluctant to sleep. Follow the steps mentioned below to ensure that you tread through the right path!

  1. Align your baby in such a way that the nails are inclined.
  2. Press the finger pad gently so that it is away from the nail. This ensures that you will not accidentally clip the skin.
  3. Start trimming the nails along the finger’s curves. If you are clipping the toe nails, then you can trim them horizontally.
  4. Use a baby clipper to trim the nails. Alternatively a soft nail trimmer can be used to file the nails to avoid chances of the skin getting cut.
  5. Even though you have to a very close trimming, ensure that you do not cut deep into the skin. Just ensure that there are no rough edges by running a filer after trimming.

What To Take Care of

Here are some things you should take care of while trimming your baby’s nails:

  1. If you have an overactive baby, ensure that your partner holds her while you do the clipping task. This would ensure that your baby will remain quiet during the entire process and there are no accidents.
  2. If you clip off the skin of your baby by mistake just exert some gentle pressure to curb bleeding. You can dab in a little baby lotion or oil on the clipped area once the bleeding stops.

Keeping Your Baby Distracted While Clipping

Many a time, your little angel will wake up while you are trimming, wasting your entire efforts. You can actually distract your baby by giving her a favorite toy or a musical rattle. Talking to your baby to engage her in some interesting conversation will also do the trick. You can even sing to her or tell her stories to keep her distracted while you finish trimming her nails.

Things To Avoid While Trimming The Nails

You need to play a little safe while trimming your baby’s nails.

  1. Never bite the nails of your baby as a substitute for trimming. While this could possibly avoid accidents such as clipping off the baby’s skin, you will be setting the stage for germs to visit.
  2. Never keep the baby’s nail clippers in places where they will be prone to dust. Always sterilize the clipper before you start trimming the nails to avoid infections.
  3. It is okay to leave the trimming task halfway if your baby is really adamant. Trimming the nails when a baby is crying by exerting pressure will cause accidents.


How do you clip the nails of your baby successfully? Share your special tips with us!