How To Use Apple Peelings

Winter is the season for delicious foods and fruits. Along with colourful, sweet oranges, Apple also features prominently on the breakfast table during the chilly winter months! From salads to custards, Apples are used in kitchens in so many ways. No matter how you use an apple for making dishes, it is almost inevitable that you will end up with oodles of Apple peels at home. Instead of throwing away all those Apple peels or offering them to herbivore pets at home, you can use them in various ways. They can be used for making some yummy dishes and also for household cleaning needs. Remind yourself that Apple peels are quite nutritious like the core flesh of the fruit.

6 Top Uses For Leftover Apple Peels

apple peel

Healthy tea with Apple peels

You must have heard about green tea and its numerous benefits. However, you can also make healthy and tasty tea with Apple peels and some other herbs quickly. Take it from time to time, preferably at evening. You can make this tea with apple peels, cinnamon stick and lemon juice. Boil this mix at low heat for 10 minutes or so. Strain the tea and sip it warm. You may pour some honey in it for sweetness.

Remove Stains From Aluminum Utensils

Despite the popularity and the invasion of non stick and melamine based crockery, you may end up using some aluminium pots and utensils at home. These pots may develop stains over prolonged usage that is tough to remove with cleaners. You can use leftover Apple peels to remove these stains. Boil apple peels in water in those pots for 20 minutes or so. Then, discard the peels and wash the pots with clean water.

Use With Oatmeal

Oatmeal tastes great and also makes a healthy and easy to digest breakfast. You can add some extra goodness and taste to your bowl of oatmeal with leftover Apple peels. Pour in dried or frozen apple peel in oatmeal and add some raisins. You may also use a blender to process the peels if finer texture is what you prefer. This will ensure your oatmeal bowl is fortified with much more fibre than usual oatmeal.

Use In Smoothies

Smoothies make for great filling food and they are also good for health. You can use leftover Apple peels in fruit smoothies. Apple blends well with plenty of fruits such as berries and orange. You can add the fruits with Apple peel in the blender and prepare yummy and nutritious smoothies in minutes. Add some ice cubes and ginger bits to add to the taste.

To Treat Insomnia

Lack of sleep is something teenagers to elderly lot- no one can escape nowadays. The rising stress of life, failed relation or job stress can lead to onset of insomnia in people. However, it is better you use Apple peels to get some sleep instead of trying OTC medications or sleeping pills. Drinking Apple peel boiled water tincture in the evening can help beat insomnia.

Apple Peel Jelly

To make this jelly, you will need peels of green apples, cores, Sugar, lemon juice and water. At first, you need to mix water with the core and peels in a pot. Boil the mixture and continue till it turns soft- it may take 15 minutes or more. Strain the liquid into another pot. Add sugar as per your need and pour in lemon juice. Boil the mixture again over low heat. Simmer till the jelly texture forms. Then pour in the hot jelly in a sterilized glass jar. Store it after the jelly is cooled in a suitable place.