How To Wear Leggings Under a Dress

Leggings have become widely used and versatile ensemble of the modern woman’s wardrobe. However, not all women possess the knowledge to wear them in the most suitable way. They are not like formal or casual attire that you can just slip on and go outside. They are more of a layered outfit. The good thing is that you can wear these in any season, even with winter garments. Below listed are a few tips that will help you wear leggings in the most suitable manner.

Choosing The Right Fit

It is important that you select leggings that are neither too loose nor too tight. Well fitting leggings should cover your legs snugly without making it hard to move freely. If they are too loose, the visual effect will not be pleasant either. Before buying a pair of leggings, try it and check who you feel in sitting, standing and walking postures.


Choosing The Right Fabric

The fabric of the legging also matters. Silk and composite materials are in vogue, but it will be a wise thing to avoid leather leggings.

Using Leggings Properly

You need to keep in mind that leggings are not denims or casual trousers. You just cannot put them on with a tee and go out shopping in the neighbourhood or go to the office. They are best suited for exercise, jogging or wearing in apartments where you will not be dealing with lots of people.

Pairing Leggings With Proper Dress

Leggings can be paired with jackets and long tops. You can also wear skirts and shorts with leggings. You can wear slippers or large boots with them, based on your comfort level. You can experiment a bit with leggings. Wear a long unbuttoned shirt with a matching belt at waist.

In any case, wearing long tops are recommended when you put on leggings. The tops should reach or cover the buttocks. If you do not want to wear any skirt or shorts over the leggings, ensure you put on one that is quite thick in texture.

Along with the length of the top, you have to think of the width. Pairing leggings with skin tight top or T-shirt is not a good idea. It is particularly bad for tall and slender women. A layered top looks so much better with leggings.

Length of The Leggings

Just like you are particular about the length of the tops that you wear with leggings, length of the leggings also matters a lot. Ideally, leggings should end over the ankle. If it is shorter the visual appeal gets spoilt.

Choosing Design With Care

There was a time when most women used to wear flat coloured leggings but that is no longer the reality. You can find leggings with bold animal and floral prints. However, such designer leggings do not go well with petite and short height women. A flat coloured legging can be worn with various types of tops. As for the hue, charcoal and black coloured leggings can be used by nearly every woman. Fair complexioned women can try colouring like red and violet.

Avoiding Shiny Materials

Occasionally, you can find some women who put on silver, gold or glossy coloured leggings. Unless you want to become a pop sensation known more for bizarre dress sense than vocal skills, do not follow them! As far as leggings go, it is always better to choose matte shades and discard shiny materials. Shiny legging can make your bulges more noticeable.

Leggings Care Tips

Even when you send your leggings to the laundry or put them in the washing machine, remember once more they are not regular trousers! They should always be washed with care and separately. They lose elasticity when they come in contact with body heat. Washing in a proper manner restores some of that elasticity. However, you need not hand wash them every time. You can wash them in the machine using cold water and delicate cycle. It would be even better if you put them in a loose cotton bag so that they do not get creased or wrinkled much. Any form of heat can be detrimental to elasticity.

Choosing Right Footwear

It is necessary that you put on the right type of footwear while using leggings. Some women carry off the sleek leather boots extending over the knee but that may not be your cup of tea. Flat heels with pointed tips also go well with leggings. There is no hard and fast rule here, but remember you should be comfortable wearing the shoe.

Thinking of The Occasion

As a matter of fact, leggings are not meant for wearing in formal events such as interviews or formal parties. It actually depends to an extent on your personality and comfort level in wearing chic and casual attire. Some women can carry off leggings in seemingly serious occasions with élan.