How To Wear Skinny Jeans

When skin fit jeans came into vogue a section of fashion pundits predicted they are a fad and will not remain in vogue. However, they have been proven wrong and women from various age groups have taken in to skinny jeans in a big way. While wearing such denim can make you look fabulous, it is also important that you know how to wear them properly. Aspects like matching attire, accessory, physical structure of the wearer- all these matter a lot. You also need to use your innate sense of aesthetics to select the right pair of skin fit jeans and wear them in the most apt way.

Below listed are a few handy tips that will help you pick right skinny jeans and wear it the most suitable way:

Choosing The Right Hue

The color of the skin fit jeans that you wear makes a lot of difference to your appearance. Wearing bright coloured jeans and bold pattern tops can make you stand out in a crowd. However, if you want to appear slender, you should preferably choose jeans with dark and solid hue. If you wear them at workplace, choosing dark shades like black is prudent. If you are planning to buy a pair of such jeans, buy one light and another dark hued variant.

skinny jeans

Coloured skinny jeans are better suited for younger generations, including college going lot. Such a jeans also gels well with denim-coloured top. This look works for casual outings, shopping trips, visiting friends on weekends, etc. However, you can try it for office on some Fridays and put on matching accessories like high heels, nice earrings and a large leather bag.

Choosing The Right Fit

While the skin fit jeans are generally slim towards the bottom, it is important to see how it fits your waist and hips. If you prefer denim that stretches pick a variant with a mix of spandex and denim. This will make quick movements hassle free. Before buying a tight fit and skinny jeans, try it out in various postures to check level of comfort.

Choosing The Right Top Is Crucial

Even if you have bought the most suitable type of skin fit jeans, pairing it with the apt top is important. If you have some curves in body, try a billowy tunic shirt. Opt for a body skimming tunic top for a flattering ensemble. If it is winter, wear a sweater that ends above the widest part of hips. A V-neck tunic or sweater bends well with such jeans anytime. If the sweater has embellishments like beading and ribbons, that will add to the appeal.

Choosing The Right Shoe

Just like the top, you will also need the right type of shoes to make a skinny jeans stand out. Luckily, you can try several types of footwear that works well for skinny jeans.

Most people agree that skinny jeans look really nice when they are tucked into boots. The bulk of boots balances out the slenderness of legs. Leather boots are ideal in this regard. However, you should wear jeans and shoes in contrasting color combinations for the best results.

If you are unsure about selecting the right type of shoe for skinny jeans, opt for shoes with narrow silhouette. Pointy toed shoes with high heels cannot go wrong unless you have a heavy waist. The high heels create an impression of elongated legs and the pointy toe shape gels with lean long line of pants. It will make you appear taller. Even if you choose flat heel shoes, they should have pointed toes.

What Should Be Avoided

Tops with loud design should be avoided, especially more for women who are not tall. The designs, patterns and usage of many hues create a visual impression of weight. That will spoil that lean and slim look you want to attain by wearing skinny jeans in the first place.

Cardigans go well with skinny jeans but you should be mindful about the length. This is actually applicable for anything that you put on top while wearing skin fit jeans. Wearing top attire that is too long spoils the look when you wear such jeans.

Both square toe and Round toe shoes should be avoided when you wear skin fit jeans. They can create a stumped look for your legs. It is also better to avoid using chunky platform heel shoes. These shoes are quite stylish but look somewhat disproportionate.

If you are not much comfortable wearing high heel shoes, there are a few flat heel styles that you can pick from. Using ballet flats matching color of skinny jeans is advisable. Metallic hued flat heels are also suitable in this regard. They are ideal when you want to appear more cute than stylish. Ballet flats, however, do not go well for women who are kind of petite.