How Your Taste In Music Reveals Your Personality

“Without music, life would be a mistake”, goes the words of Friedrich Nietzsche. And, yes it is very true. The positive and healing benefits of music on human lives is well known. From stress to pregnancy, cancer to weight loss, music has inspired and left its healing imprints everywhere. But, it is really surprising to know that your playlist reveals your personality. Even studies have proven it. Read on to know what your music collection talks about you right here.

The Scientific Support

According to a study conducted by two psychologists, Sam Gosling and Jason Rentfrow, the personality of a person can be accurately predicted by unveiling the music type he/she listens to. According to the study, you can easily judge the creativity, open-mindedness, and extra version of a person just by hearing to their Top 10 songs. The study also suggested that people who love classical and jazz music are highly creative with high IQ scores, while the jazz lovers are bound to be extraverts.

Music For Relaxing

Man Listing Music For Relaxing

There was one more study that was conducted in the Heriot-Watt University. The study group consisted of 36,000 plus people from across the globe. The group was asked to rate 104 plus styles of music, along with rendering information relate to their personality. The results were amazing. And, that is what we have put together…

1. The Pop Lovers

If you are a huge fan of Selena Gomez, Rihanna, or the top 40 songs, then you are a conventional, honest, and extraverted person. Even though you could be enjoying a high level of self-esteem and fall into the category of hard working people, your creative levels are generally on the lower side. You are also a pretty uneasy person.

2. The Country Rendition

If country music has been your choice, you would notice that you are quite hardworking. Even though you share a dose of traditional traits in your personality, you are still outgoing to a certain extent. These people, despite being fans of songs that revolve around heartbreaks, have emotional stability quotients.

3. The Rap Way

There is a strikingly contrast in the nature of the songs you listen to and your personality. The songs that fall into this genre are normally violent and aggressive, but you tend to be quite soft spoken and gentle. However, this does not impact your extravert nature and you also enjoy admirable levels of self-esteem.

4. The Outgoing Hip Hop

As with the Rap, lovers of hip hop also tend to have a soft and quiet nature. They are pretty outgoing with a high dose of self-esteem. However, there has not been much said about the creativity quotients of the hip hop aficionados.

5. The Blue-Eyed Blues, Soul, And Jazz

Soft, outgoing, creative, intelligent, calm, relaxing, high self-esteem, and gregarious – these are qualities of the group who listen to any or all the varieties of songs that fall into the three genres mentioned above.

6. The Gentle Heavy Metal And Rock

Confused? Do not be. Those who listen to rock and heavy metal types are normally soft and gentle. These people have high creativity levels, but they have dangerously low self-esteem and are often introverts by nature.

7. The Creative Indie

If your playlist comprises Indie genre, then you are bound to enjoy high levels of creativity and intelligence, but you are quite shy and introvert. The people who love Indie are characterized by personality traits like anxiousness, low self-esteem, less gentle, and low levels of hardworking.

8. The Energetic Dance

The dance music lovers are one of the best people to mingle with. Along with being highly assertive and outgoing, they are also known for their creativity and intelligence.

“People do actually define themselves through music and relate to other people through it but we haven’t known in detail how music is connected to identity,” says Adrian North, who was a part of the research team at Heriot-Watt University.

So, what is your style of music?