How To Get Rid of Crickets From Your Property

The sound of crickets during summertime may be soothing and relaxing for some people, while others can’t stand it. The crickets singing during the summer season, especially when they are small in number, are quite harmless. It is when they start to reproduce and get inside your house that they become more than bothersome.

These bugs are troublesome pests, and they can cause damage if they manage to get inside your household. Aside from their annoying, high-pitched singing that can keep you up throughout the night, these bugs also feed on paper products, furniture, walls, or clothing. They can also find their way into your kitchen, eating through food boxes, wrappers, or sacks. To prevent these problems, you need to learn how to prevent cricket infestation and how to get rid of them. But before that, you need to identify and detect their presence.


Identifying And Detecting Crickets

The size of crickets can range from about 1/6 inch to an inch. They usually have a light yellowish-coloring, but others have a color range from brown to black. The male crickets are the ones that produce the chirping sounds. They do this by rubbing their upper wings together. This is a mating ritual that attracts the female crickets; however, this is also used as a signal for danger.

These bugs can invade properties and they are most active during the night. They are attracted to lights. Hearing chirping sounds indoors or outdoors is one of the most obvious evidence of their presence. Another indicator that these bugs are inside your property is if you find damaged fabrics, wood, paper or damaged stored products.

Prevention And Solution

To prevent these bugs from infesting your home, you first need to understand what attracts them. For one, crickets are attracted to lights, especially at night. To discourage these unwanted critters, you can control the amount of time the lights are left on in your property. You can also adjust the position of your lights. Doing so will help keep these bugs away from your house structure.

  • Use amber LED lights as they are designed to deter crickets and other bugs
  • If you need to light your yard at night for security purposes, you can place the lights away from your house so that it won’t attract crickets inside.
  • Inside your house, draw the blinds and shades. In doing so, the crickets won’t be attracted to the bright glow inside your household.-

In addition, crickets can easily enter small holes and cracks, just like other pests. With that said, you must seal any cracks, crevices, or holes in your home structure. You can also put screens on your windows to prevent their easy entry.

Aside from these preventive methods, you can also consider a few of these safe and non-toxic solutions since they are very effective against crickets.

Use A Vacuum: When you discover cricket infestation at home, you can use a vacuum with a long attachment to get rid of them. Although this method may be quite challenging since the bugs might stop making noise once it detects your presence, it is still worth trying. As a tip, you can prepare the vacuum attachment and turn it on at the right moment.

You can also use the vacuum to get rid of any eggs inside your home. These eggs can lead to a full blown infestation if they are not immediately taken care of. To get rid of these eggs, you can use a vacuum cleaner with High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter. After vacuuming, you must throw away the contents in a sealed trash bag.

Cricket Bait: Another approach of getting rid of these bugs is to make a bait. You can make a homemade cricket bait using a half-filled glass jar. You can put molasses inside the jar and place it near the cricket-infested areas. The bugs will be attracted to the scent of the molasses expecting a meal, only to drown in it.

Natural Predators: You can also let the cricket’s natural predators thrive in your property. For instance, lizards and spiders are known cricket predators. They can naturally control the cricket population.

These are just a few tips for preventing and getting rid of these pesky bugs. If you have a full blown infestation, you can always employ the services of a pest control company that offers safe and natural solutions.