How Going on Vacation Can Positively Change Your Body

You will find it hard to come across people in your workplace or neighborhood who have never gone for a vacation in life, maybe except some spiritually inclined people! Whether it is a seaside resort or a remote hilltop village that catches your fancy, going on a vacation is beneficial both for the mind and body. For some people, travelling alone is the prerequisite while there are others who want to go for vacation with family and friends. No matter what is your way of vacationing, you should take a few days off every year and head to a vacation destination suiting your fancy.


Studies have indicated vacation does wonders to your mind and physical well-being. The major 8 ways your body can benefit from going for a vacation:

1. Sound sleep and resultant benefits

When you go for a trip at a seaside resort, a rain forest region or hilltop village, physical activities are aplenty. It is actually natural that you would like to explore the sightseeing options. For that, you may have to resort to trekking and lots of walking. Even beach side activities can be quite demanding on your body, including indulging in water sports. As a result, when you return to your hotel or accommodation setup, your body is tired and getting sound sleep is not a problem. You tend to sleep well in vacations and wake up with rejuvenated mind and body. You feel more energetic and fit as a result.

2. Stress busting and its effects

Possibly the biggest benefit of going to a vacation is stress busting. The stress related to your workplace, family and other issues are largely absent when you are vacationing at a faraway place. You get less bugged by emails, calls and notifications when you are on a vacation. There is no denying the link between stress bundled up inside the mind and its impact on overall health! Stress leads to imbalance in digestion, sleep and well-being of a person. When stress is minimized in vacation, your wellness levels shot up perceptibly. You tend to feel and think positive as well. In fact, when vacationing, you remain so busy most of the times there is very little time to ponder over things that occupy your mind otherwise.

3. Healthy eating

Couple Eating Food

Couple Eating While Travelling

While what you will eat on a trip is up to you, it is surely possible to make healthy eating choices while vacationing. When you are vacationing at a seaside town, eating fresh sea fish is possible. At many places, you can avail healthy organic and farm fresh foods while touring. Tasting regional healthy foods and beverages have a positive impact on your overall health. In several bread and breakfast accommodation setups, you can enjoy home cooked healthy food as well. Depending on the place you travel, you may actually get limited sources of fast and junk food which prove to be beneficial. At some places, you may get fresh local beverages like tea and wine that are good for health.

4. Fat burning


Except for those whose idea of vacationing is lazing on a beach side chair watching, sea waves or eating like there is no tomorrow on a vacation, people experience weight loss benefits after vacationing. This is caused by many factors. To begin with, you end up burning excess calories while vacationing. The travel and walk associated with commuting from and to airports and trains and using public transport, make you burn more calories than usual. The sightseeing activities at travel places which may involve trekking, hiking, swimming, surfing and biking- also help burn many calories every day. On an average, your body burns more calories that what it takes in. This helps in fat burning eventually. The compliments that you get for a toned body or a tan you have got may make you feel good.

5. Health boosting activities

Those opting for a long vacation often indulge in activities at the destination that help in improving overall health. You can also opt for such activities to return with a healthier body and refreshed mind. For example, in several exotic tropical travel destinations you can enroll for relaxing yoga and meditation classes. There are several entities that offer specific classes and courses for travelers in the Asian subcontinent. Taking bath in natural hot springs and lakes in several travel destinations also improves health. You can also opt for sauna and steam baths in such places that effectively rejuvenate the body.

6. Saying bye to pollution

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While some popular tourist destinations tend to be congested and chaotic, that is not the case everywhere. With a little effort you can locate remote places where tourists are few and natural bliss and serenity is abundant. As you can understand, pollution in the air and water in those remote locations is practically nonexistent. Those hailing from polluted urban regions find a new lease of life while vacationing in those places. Staying away from polluted air and in taking fresh air is beneficial for your lungs and has a visible impact on health.

7. Enhanced productivity levels

You may not realize it directly, but after returning from a vacation, your overall productivity levels get a boost. This is because you tend to do a lot of work personally while vacationing, unless, of course you are opting for a cruise liner tour! From packing, unpacking, learning the nuances of sightseeing, plenty of physical activities and multitasking- you have to do it all. When you return from the tour, you find your productivity and multitasking abilities have got a boost.

8. Bonding with mates


Whether you are traveling with family members of friends, you bond with them in a new way when vacationing together. While exploring a new place together, learning the nuances of life there-overcoming hurdles together- you get a sense of bonding. This has a positive impact on your mindset eventually and therefore on physical health. A vacation can be helpful for estranged couples or spouses for rekindling the fire in their relationships.