How Travel Apps Helps You For Traveling Abroad

Travelling is enthralling and fun. But unless you are ready to risk yourself, you would definitely make sure that you have all the information handy before you start your journey. Gone are those days when you had to carry maps and exchanged currencies in your hand while travelling. It is the time where technology is the ruling roost.

Right from planning to finding your flights and trains, to currency exchange finders and restaurant finders, there are countless travel apps that you could be easily befriend. Whether you are visiting Rishikesh for a yoga teacher training or you are vacationing in the European nations, these travel apps will definitely guide you through.

9 Smartphone Apps To Help You While Travelling Abroad

1. Tripit


This is one of the simplest and most efficient travel apps that exists currently. It could easily be named as A to Z trip organizer. True to its name, this app gives you all the information you need related to your travel. From booking and confirming your flights to booking your hotel rooms, car rentals to restaurants, this app gives you access to everything.

This app also lets you know if there is any change in the travel plan. Tripit comes free of cost with these basic features. The Pro version of this app actually allows you to book a different flight, in case of any chances in your current flight schedule. You also can access weather information so as to prepare yourself for a smoother stay.
It is available free of cost and can be used by those who have Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows.

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2. Kayak


Are you worried about which travel site to use to plan your travel? Put your worries at rest and download Kayak travel app for free. It offers comparative deals across countless travel management websites within minutes on your Smartphone. You can compare the rates of flights, hotels, and car rentals and then make books for your accommodation using this app. Track your flight and manage your itineraries in a hassle-free way using Kayak. It can be can be used by those who have Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows.

3. Google Maps

Google Maps

Travelling in a new destination is quite a challenging experience. And, if you do not know the language, then you will find yourself in a soup while trying to locate some destination. Thanks to Google Maps. It allows you to explore your new destination in a hassle-free way by offering your constant updates about traffic. It also offers a comprehensive view of the city with access to various public transportation methods available. The GPS navigation feature offers you a detailed information of the approach ways, thereby ensuring that you do not lose your way. Download it at zero cost to use it in Android phones or iPhone.

4. Google Translate

Google Translate

It is tough to keep learning various languages as you hop from destination to destination. While English is the Universal language, there may be cases wherein you have to communicate certain things in the local language to avoid frustrating faces. Google Translate is a traveler-friendly free app that helps you find out simple words in the local languages. You can access about 64 various languages. What is more interesting that it at time gives out the information in the local language that you can show to the local people for better communication. It is available for use on the Android or iPhone phones.

5. GateGuru

Gate Guru

Manage your itinerary for the whole day with this wonderful travel helper. The Home page of this apps allows you to access the Airport Card, a database that shows the nearby airports. Once you log your itinerary, you will get rest of the information on your fingertips in no time. Right from your flight details to food available in the airport, airport amenities to customizing the arrival and departure terminals, this app helps you familiarize with the airport in no time. It is a free app that works on iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

6. Foodspotting

Food Spotting

Exploring food at new destinations is always exciting, but it could turn into a nightmare if you do not know where exactly to eat. You can now download Foodspotting, a travel app that has been designed to meet your edible requirements while on travel. From the tastiest street foods to exotic delicacies of each destination, you will have access to all the eating destinations. Available on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry for free, it is a must include travel app for food lovers.

7. Mint


Organize your money and manage your travel within the planned budget with the help of a wonderful finance travel app. It helps you plan your budget and monitor your expenses during the travel. A safe and secure, it is a read-only app that allows you to be aware of how much you have spent, but there is no option for fund allocation. A free app, it is available for Android and iPhone users.

8. ICE


Accidents and medical issues would be the last thing you would want to occur while travelling. But, these are, quite often, unprecedented events. And, that is why you should keep a medical travel app handy. ICE is an app that you could use to keep your medical conditions, if any, updated with the contact details of your doctor as well as your insurance details. People can access this app, in case of emergencies, even if the phone is locked. Priced at $3.99, this app is available only for the Android users.

9. Viator


If you want to visit all the sites, but without emptying your pockets, then Viator would be the best travel app for you. It gives you access to various discounts and deals available in your destination. It also helps you chart an itinerary of your choice by providing information about things to do and places to see. A free app, it works in Android phones and iOS-based devices.

Are you set for your travel? Use these travel apps to ensure smooth sailing and beyond!. Bon voyage!